02 September 2009

Bleach: Episode 235

(This is going to be chronologically fucked as always ^__^)

Alright the brown cow... I mean Zabimaru (thanks dattebayo!) antics are getting old but there she said it, which only confirms what we have known all along... Abarai Renji is freakiing weak! It was painful to see him get raped like that. Jeebus Renji... grow some hairy balls, won'tcha? I was quite surprised that Zabimaru brought Renji's feelings towards Rukia in this one. Heh, duramo!

Thank goodness Hisagi isn't as gay as Renji so his fight with Kazeshini isn't as lame. He's the one who doesn't care if he lost his zanpaktou in the end. Hisagi just win himself a few pointers there.

I love watching Hollow Ichigo fight. It was quite different with Ichigo. For example, Ichigo has never swing his shikai fan-like like this. I don't know why he didn't though because I thought the move is pretty slick, and effing effective too.

What I like about Hollow Ichigo personality wise is his don't give a fuck attitude. He can be cheeky too sometimes which exasperate Muramasa. heh, I want to see Muramasa tries to scratch Hollow Ichigo without playing dirty. Damn him.

So naturally I squeal when Ichigo helps his hollow because lets face it, we all love the white version of him, don't we? I thought we are going to see he and his hollow team up against Muramasa but alas, he chose to shoo him out of his soul. So typical of Ichigo.

So for whatever reason, thinking of Byakuya gives Renji a power boost. Didn't know he was gay for his captain. But whatever, i expect action pack episode next week.

If there is one thing the shinigami can learn from their materialized zanpaktou, it is the way their zanpaktou fight. If their zanpaktou can easily kicked their sorry shinigami ass, then they must know that there is part of their zanpaktou that they isn't fully understand yet. Otherwise they would have easily guess their next move, RIGHT?

I am gonna end this post with a smexy screen shot of Shirosaki :3

please do ~nyaaaa

omake: didn't know Ryuuken has a hot for his son too! Jeebus! XD


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