17 September 2009

Bleach: Episode 237

(This post will be chronologically fucked as usual ^__^)

Whoa, Ichigo got to sit with the three seniors? I want to see how he got there! Jeez...

Renji and his stupid zabimaru provide stupid comedy relief. So are the zanpaktous. Without their wielder they are just a bunch of hot headed delinquents. But hot zanpaktou is hot.

I hate Oomaeda. He is just stupid big baffoon who gets the seat because of his family connection. He disgusted me. So does his zanpaktou.

And what the fuck is this? I don't remember baldy doing any lucky dance =\

Staying in sinc is never this stupid

Alright, alright. Lets discuss some of the (barely) important facts this episode brought up:
  • I think Muramasa is looking for a weilder and Ichigo is obviously his favorite choice atm. The hypocrisy.
  • Byakuya is back!!! w00t! I have been waiting for his comeback since his disappearance. I knew he has something up his sleeves. I don't really care if its good or evil. I think it is high time for Byakuya to do something that is against the Gotei 13. Yesh!!
  • From what is going on, the end of this zanpaktou filler arc will be either a battle between Muramasa vs Byakuya, Ichigo vs Byakuya or Muramasa vs Ichigo/Byakuya.
  • Wait... is Byakuya becoming one of my favorite captains? \o/


yep... baldy did a lucky dance! it was when he first fought ichigo... ^_^

Oh right. That was stupid.

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