17 September 2009

Bleach: Chapter 374

whoa.... Give me a few minutes to articulate some words that might justify the awesomeness of this week's chapter.

(after 10 minutes)

Guess what, the sword doesn't belong to Keisei or Gin or Aizen. I was totally blown away when Kubo revealed to whom it belongs to. I is never a fan of Shunsui but I am impressed with his zanpaktou and his power level in this chapter. I always thought there is no captain who can match up to the Primera Espada and Kubo has proved me wrong. In case you are slow on the uptake, the sword belongs to Shunsui, the 8th Captain of the Gotei 13. One of the three seniors. Kubo makes this one legit. Dammit.

Can someone tell me what his zanpaktou true power is?

It seems like I totally underestimated Shunsui. But am I? LOL I still have doubt that Primera Espada will go down this easily. Stark still has some tricks up his sleeves otherwise it would be so lame to called him the Primera Espada. I mean, even Ulquiorra seems more powerful than he is at this moment.

It was quite funny though to see Stark acknowledging Shunsui as strong as he is. But I guess it is about time for Kubo to reaffirmed the fact that Captain is still strong if not stronger than Vizard. Two vizards were having problem with Stark but a captain managed to inflict that much damage to the number one espada. Shame on you vizards (granted that Love and Rose are retarded for underestimated Stark in the first place).

Having said that, I would love to see Ukitake helping Shunshui out. If he's not, then who will he fight? Oh... Gin? X)

So Stark too get a little background story. Jeez... Kubo better make one for Ulquiorra or he'll be receiving death threats.


Holy shit! Like the new look, its very professional >=D

yeah, simplicity is still the best after all. I dislike the last layout actually, too crowded for my taste.

I've always loved Shunsui. Love his ability as well.

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