14 July 2013

First Impression: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou

Anime for lolicons. That's my first thought when I read the synopsis in the preview. Since I am not a lolicon, I figured I will be stressing out when I watch this anime. Hopefully though not to the point where I start questioning why are we letting such anime exist. Furthermore, it's about magic. I do not like magical stuff.

It's pretty much about Akira who inherited her late mother's ability in fortune telling. Turned out she has super power and she's not the only one. Together, they become somewhat a Power Ranger. Naturally when there's power, there will be villains though it is still unclear who they could be.

The plot is weak in my opinion. Nothing particularly stands out. The animation was average, the seiyuus sound annoying and I was bored to death.

Not gonna watch this. Too childish for me. It's not shit though. Just not my cup of tea.

Episode: tbc
Aired: Summer 2013
Producers: AIC

arts & animation 5/10
story 5/10
characters 6/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5.4/10


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