22 May 2012

First Impression: Hiiro no Kakera

I accidentally find out that Tomokazu Sugita is one of the seiyuu for the main character of this series and so I feel obligated to check this show out. I wasn't thrill that this is another harem-shoujo anime but I will (hopefully) persevere the first episode without having to rage quit.

who lets the bishies out?
(c) Kazuki Yone
Hiiro no Kakera or Scarlet Fragment in English is about Tamaki Kasuga, a young girl who apparently has the Tamayori Princess blood running in her. As such, it is her duty to take over her grandmother's job as head of the temple which means she has to seal the Onikimaru so that the Gods who have turned into ghost won't be a nuisance to the real world. As a princess, Tamaki has four bodyguards from the Shugogo House: Takuma Onizaki, Yuuichi Komura, Mahiro Atori and Suguru Oomi. In short, they are her future harem.

Because this series is classified as romance shoujo, I expect some love triangle and what not. Personally I want Tamaki to end up with Takuma because I'm biased towards that male character for obvious reason. Heh. There would also be some dorama since there are apparently villains in this series as well.

Does this considered as bestiality?
(c) pixiv id 3128153
The arts and animation for this series are average at best. The character designs are pretty generic but hey, the bishies still look good no matter what. A few times, I thought that the animations were rather disjointed from one scene to the other and wasn't smooth at all. Given that there are so many studios involved for this project, I expected something with better quality.

But I guess they spent a lot on seiyuu which makes this show rather enjoyable to watch. I can't really comment on the OP and ED though because I'm watching the preview episode where Marie Miyake (seiyuu for Tamaki) and Kousuke Okano (seiyuu for Mahiro - I have never heard of him before tbh) were introducing the anime with so much gusto.

For some reason, I rather enjoyed watching this first episode. At least I wasn't annoyed which says a lot considering the genre of this show. Will I watch this? Perhaps. One thing for sure, this series won't be toss to my anishit list.

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 7/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6.8/10


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