22 May 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Episode 5

It's getting harder and harder to get in the mood to watch Korra. If it wasn't for Glo and Rogue, I would have probably put this series on hold. However, according to Glo, I have another two episodes to go (well three if you include this one) before shits are going down. With that in mind, I tread on.

Before I start though, here is a smex picture of Bolin, because I think he deserves some exposure. If you know what I mean ^_^

ah yes...
(c) Awitan

And then the episode started and what do I get? Mako doing that fucking nose thingy with Asami. I was gagging. Urgh this is not a good start at all. This romance shit gotta stop! I mean, now even Bolin is looking for "real love" all of a sudden. I couldn't facepalm hard enough when Korra decided to confess her feelings for Mako, and got fucking rejected! And then she did what? She fucking kissed him!

What the fuck is this shit? And what the fuck is wrong with Mako? If Bolin wants to date Korra let her fucking be! You dickhead of nose-fucking-shit-thingy! Bluergh! >=(

This is probably why I take an immediate liking towards the asshole Tahno who wants to get into Korra's pantsu. Oh wait, one moment there I thought Bolin and Korra could be an item right? Well, forget about that. We all know that it's not gonna happened. Sadly so, I must say.

now kiss!
This episode has the potential to make me rage so much but thank goodness for the tournament! Because fuck it was awesome to see them bending. This is what Avatar is all about after all: THE BENDING! And I must admit, Bolin defending the Fire Ferret all alone in Tourney 2 was fucking hot. I am glad I have his smex picture up there ♥

Before I wrapped this up though, lemme just say that Korra pretty much fucked up everything, doesn't she? Oh well, at least she helped them with the semi-finals.

I can't wait to see them facing off with Tahno and his team.


Yeah lots of folks this was filler crap to get the crazy shippers on the internet some kind of closure. >_>
You'll like the next episode a LOT. Amon's back. Lin Bei-fong does awesome stuff. More bending tournament goodness. ^_^

It better be good...

and lin gets her ass kicked... Daughter of the great Toph and she cant detect her enemies closing in on her...

yeah great. thanks for the spoiler >_>

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