08 February 2012

Bleach: Chapter 480

So Bleach is back this week after the news that Kubo has finally decided that this series needs an end was made public last week. Sad I am by the news but like the saying goes, all good things come to an end and it looks like Bleach is no exception. Let the final arc begin!

I expect this arc to be exceptionally good...

Chapter 480 dives straight in to the final arc without any warning or introduction. It took place at some jails, or correctional facility for hollow (wut?) but it makes sense since Mayuri always captured the hollows for experimental purpose. Anyway, the hollows in this facility are disappearing one by one and end up in Karakura town. Squad 12 is in a state of emergency. Mayuri, who has a new fucking head gear (faps) suspected someone but that is yet to be reveal. So naturally Soul Sociaty ordered shinigami to the real world to handle the appearance of the hollows.

Kubo introduced new shinigami that might steal our heart yet again: the petit male shinigami named Yuki Ryuunosuke, a feisty female shinigami called Shino. They are the two lucky shinigami who were chosen to take care of the hollow infestation in Karakura town. It was just like Soul Society to send useless shinigami to the real world who is dead/fucked up after a few minutes. I was hoping that Yuki has some hidden power or something but as usual, Ichigo comes and solves all the problem. Seriously, what the fuck was Soul Society thinking? I know for sure now that they are doing this on purpose. Jeebus...

thank goodness Ichigo is smothering hot *squirts*

While Ichigo took care of the hollows, a suspicious creeper was watching. I can already see people contemplating that it's Aizen. After all, if there's a shinigami who is capable of doing this trick right under Mayuri's nose, it gotta be Aizen right?

LOL don't get your hopes high just yet kids XD

It is still too early to make any conclusion about this final arc. So far I am just loving the fact that Kubo decided to go back to the roots and let Bleach deal with shinigami and hollow. I'm hoping that in any of the future chapters, the arrancars are back, especially Grimmjow. Then maybe... Ichimaru Gin but I'm pushing it too far, aren't I?

So many things to look forward to. I wonder what is Mayuri new zanpaktou would look like. I'm pretty sure that it will still be sick as hell ♥


It would be great if the RP group is still active. I was pretty excited to see Mayuri with that new look, and knows perfectly well that Daniel will fit the character to a T. If any of my Gotei 13 family read this, lets resurrect the fun, guys...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


The mysterious man also has a chance to be grimmjow tite kubo evendor said he was alive

wait, why would mayuri have a new sword?

also as I understood it hollows were not being teleported to the real world but being erased from existence. It seemed to me that Mayuri was implying that the quincy were back.

These "crappy" shinigami that ichigo keeps dealing with would probably be fine for monitor duty in your typical town. the average hollow is wimpy. These guys just can't handle it when ichigo level problems start popping up.

haha I thought Yuki was a girl at first given the stuff that's in his hair.

Mayuri has a new zanpukto? I guess it did get damaged during the arrancar arc... given that it's him he can modify it or make a new one?

Anon... I'm not THAT delusional. BITCH PLEASE.

Michael, I could be wrong but as far as I remember, during his mission to Hueco Mundo and his fight against Syazel, he destroyed his zanpaktou since Syazel thought that he could control it and used it against Mayuri. He said something like he can always created a new zanpaktou...

Hmm... it could be the quincy. If that is true, I will be a bit disappointed because I don't think they deserved to be the star for the final arc. Then again, if Kubo write it in a way that is convincing, I might change my mind...

Why can't it be about the arrancar though? T__T

gah, you've revealed my secret identity!(jk)

Please, call me Rogue, Captain Awesome, Sex Slave, or whatever else suits you, but not Michael. I have less attachement to that name than you do to that real name of yours which you told me once ages ago(it has been forgotten).

My apology for revealing your secret identity, Sex Slave. It was insensitive of me when I myself dislike using my real name.

It's alright Mistress. I'll just have to kill the witnesses.

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