03 January 2012

First Impression: Rinne no Lagrange

Episodes: 12
Producers: Production I.G, Xebec
Genres: Action, Comedy, Mecha

I wouldn't be bothered by this show if it wasn't for Production I.G. If anything else fails, I was hoping that Production I.G did their part and produced some good quality animation, just like they did with Guilty Crown. Having said that, I did drop that shit after the second episode. Good story > quality animation for me.

I did say that it looks promising in my preview but I do not get my hopes up when I saw the staff who are working on this show. They don't really has that much experience under their belt except maybe for the Series Production Director, Tatsuo Satou. Hmm, maybe this show can be their catalyst for stardom? Let see...

dafuq? O_o

Fansub [commie] leaked the pre-aired episode and the quality was quite bad. Served us leech right but that won't stopped me from checking it out.

Rinne no Lagrange is about a girl who loves to help people out. The show started with her jumping into the ocean (she just happened to wear a swimsuit underneath her school uniform) to save a girl from drowning. She also always bring her jersey around, just in case. Her name is Madoka Kyono. She is helping out in every club that you can think of and is good at each of them which of course makes her a popular student at her school. Sounds normal enough, yes?

But of course her life was about to change forever. She was visited by strange person whose name is even stranger. Lets just called her Fin Lan for short. From that day on, she becomes a mecha pilot fighting the evil aliens, known as Demetria, who just happened to be hot bishies. I mean, I wouldn't mind swapping life with Madoka just so I can seduce and f-


Did I mention that her family is against her piloting a mecha, as if it was a job that was advertise in the newspaper? Unnecessary drama, in my opinion. Also, how the fuck does a highschool girl suddenly knows how to pilot a mecha? Oh right... their "hearts" were connected. DAFUQ!

But I am an optimistic girl. When I saw the two mechas fighting, and knowing that Array was this hot headed bishie, I immediately wanted to see these two persons fight again - in bed. LMAO

Just like that I have found my OTP.

Sadly though, the way these characters were depicted, there is little room for development. Take Madoka for an example: she is just depicted as a happy airhead who went along at anything that was thrown at her. If this wasn't the case, then this show could have some potential to be more than just a shallow mecha anime.

To make things worse, it has cheesy BGM too. At one scene when the bishies appeared, suddenly the airship turned into some cheap blues bar that you imagined was preoccupied by fugly hosts. They were trying too hard. It was rather annoying to be honest. Same goes for the OP and ED. Definitely not this show's strongest point. Then again, nothing is.

this is a lie

The animation was smooth as expected from Production I.G. The character designs however, are average at best. The hot bishies have this dead expression on their faces and the background could have been improved with more details. Also the choice of color could have been better. It failed to make this show looks more dynamic. Everything is just as flat and as bland as the plot (if indeed there will be one).

I might dropped this but if it manages to constantly pique my interest with the "fights", then who knows. But for me to survive the fanservice... This show is like them bimbos. Pretty to look at but dumb as fuck.

Recommended? Only if you a hardcore mecha fans.

arts & animation 6/10
story 5/10
characters 6/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 5.6/10


Not a bad first episode for me, then again I love just about every mecha series out there. Sure there are a few that fail and end up on my hate list, but most of the time I generally like them.

I see a few haters of Madoka already! This makes me sad, but I expected a few haters we can't all love main characters that would be impossible... I like her so far! Way better than some emo baby male like Shu. Will she become annoying? Yes to most they would love to see her be another OH MA SHOE with boobs basically.

At least the girls like the space bishies right? Guess that is something to look forward to.

In the end it is hard to say what this series will do, either it becomes a hit like Star Driver or becomes a giant fail like Guilty Crown...I am hoping for a hit!

Nope, this one isn't bad at all otherwise it would have been included in my anishit list. I don't hate Madoka nor do I care about her. The opposite of love is ignorance so yeah...

It's as average as its gets for me

It's too bad it started out so lackluster, now I don't really feel like watching it, especially with the unnecessary drama. The main character doesn't sound very interesting either.

but like i said, if there is something going on between the girls and the bishie, then it might be a different ball game. Or at least it will get a tad more interesting plot wise

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