02 November 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 5

Chizuru is as loud and as annoying as ever as he celebrates the beginning of summer vacation. He is probably the only one who is that excited. Everyone else rather spend their summer inside their comfort air-conditioned home.

The ever so nice Shun is the only one who allows Chizuru to come inside his house and offered him to help out with the snack that he's making. Chizuru almost fall for it before he realizes that he is in a danger territory and quickly excuse himself. Shun has his hair up in ponytail and that just makes me wanna go kyaaaaah~ every time I see him lol. He is not the only one with a ponytail either. Yuuki is too! Oh crap I just jizzed heh.

Thanks to Shun, everyone is invited to the festival, even Masaki. And that is how their summer officially begins. It isn't a good start by a stretch just because Masaki and Chizuru are there but that is just me. I mean, I would want to enjoy my festival without the drama and Masaki is definitely a drama queen when it comes to Shun. As for Chizuru, he's guilty of being Chizuru. Enough said. He needs to learn to read a situation.

Ah but at least he finally manages to realize Masaki's feelings towards Shun-chan. Obviously he gets jealous afterwards, but not towards Masaki but thank goodness towards Shun. Heh who would have thought, eh? They are not the only one with budding romance bubbling underneath the surface though. By chance Kaname meets Hisako and her sister (who Kaname has a crush on) at the festival as well. Love triangle FTW!

he's always so deep

Despite their differences, these kids definitely have hearts of gold. I wouldn't have bothered to search for Masaki's "treasure" if I was them but they are willingly to do so, even though Masaki is such a bitch. But I guess it just another way of them for creating memories and truth be told I am envious. I wish I can go back and be a teenager again. *sighs* too late now.

Kimi to Boku is after all is a show about friendship which is why I think it has such a great value to begin with. Yeah, we have more anime that focuses on bromance. If the guys can have seasons and movies of K-ON!, why can we girls get more shows that are similar to Kimi to Boku?

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


I thought I would like Chizuru, but he does get a little annoying >_< I do like Masaki, but you're right about her being a drama queen lol.

They are so sweet, this was a cute episode :)

So I assumed you sorta like the show now? Or is it still dull and boring according to your standard?

Nice blog. I liked your work. Keep going..........

Grr annoying girl is still annoying...

Tbh, I really didn't like this epi at all... until the final few minutes. But OH HELL NO to wanting to be a teenager again! Going through that again = no thanks. However, HELL YES to wanting more shows like this! YESSS.

I guess your teenage years weren't full of fond memories like these kids are sharing? Mine was full of mischievous shits and parties lol. Having said that, yes, we need more shows like this. YES YES YESSSSS

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