02 November 2011

Bleach: Chapter 471

As predicted, we are served with fresh back story of Riruka followed by the other Xcutioners back story as well. This is just wrong. We don't need a fucking back story for unimportant characters that we don't give a shit about. What a waste of spread! Where the fuck is Ulquiorra's back story huh Kubo? Where is it, damn it?!

*cough* anyhoo...

  • Riruka was always fought with her sister Gina for a doll or whatever that she wants. To gets what she wanted, she used her power and hidden it in her treasure box but out of all the Xcutioners, she has never done any killing.
  • The old creepy fuck whose name I never bothered to remember and was killed by Kenpachi in less than 3 seconds inherited the clock from his father and grandfather. It was called a "good luck watch". It is a borrowed power by God which the user made a contract with every time he want to use it.
  • Yukio was craving for attention by his parents but was shut out from their lives but we already knew what happened next.
  • Jackie had a rough life as a kid but much loved by his father who stole a leather boot for his daughter. She had it cleaned everyday but was first dirtied by his brother's blood when all her family was killed.

Aight that left Tsukishima and Ginjou back story, which I don't give a shit about anyway. Apparently the moral behind the story is this: You are weak because you are too few and Xcutioners say nay to said fate. And with that kind of crap, they became a united front to defeat the shinigami. Pffttt... that's the most ludicrous ideas I have ever read in Bleach >_>

Hi, my nick name is Wacko

Rukia manages to trap Riruka with her White Moon ability but she miscalculated. Riruka freed her from the stuff animal and as she appears again in Shinigami form, Riruka stabs her. How dare she!

"meh been there done that", says Rukia

I doubt that it would be anything fatal even though Riruka definitely looks like she's finally serious about killing someone. I am actually quite excited. Rukia is now a fukutaicho and I just know she must have something or some sort of new ability/power up her sleeves and I just can't wait to see what it is and how this turns out. I absolutely has no qualm if Kubo wants to drag this particular fight. I mean, we haven't seen Rukia for quite some times after all =3

Hopefully Kubo will not ruin my fantasy by sending someone else into the fight. That is just unfair for Rukia and will hurt her credibility in a long run. You hear that, Kubo?

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I hope Rukia has something else up her sleeves, but it does look like that she got KOed which would be disappointing given that she is now a fukutaicho.

fuck if I can ever tell what's going on with these crappy drawings and translations. Rukia was stabbed? looked like she had her breast pinched by a small robotic arm.

rukia had riruka trapped? looked like she dodged to me, and was in no way threatened by the immobile sword on the ground. getting out of the doll somehow set rukia up to be stabbed? uh thnx for letting me know that.

and why did riruka act like she was in pain and suddenly had no choice just before she did the "stab"(robotic boob pinch)

TJ, you should know by now how in denial I am when it comes to Rukia.

And I was just about to say that the spread looks like she got her tits pinched lol. Riruka's foot is trapped in that Moon Phase thingy that Rukia's called forth, isn't she?

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