01 November 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 5

Not only Rider has the nerves to interfere the fight between the Kings of Knights, he has the audacity to ask them to join him in conquering the world but yielding the Holy Grail to him. Well I guess you can't blame a guy for trying, huh?

Now that Rider and Waver have made known of their existence to the other Masters, obviously Kayneth recognized that pussy ass student of him and further belittled him, just like he did in class. This time he won't be so kind though as he promised to teach Waver what fear and pain truly mean. For some illogical reason, Waver seemed traumatized by those threats. I thought the reason he entered this war is to prove that hard work > heredity. Maybe I was expecting too much from him. Either way, Rider sort of defend him, saying that Waver was the only brave one who has the courage to fight along someone of his stature. Delusional much?

you know what they say about guy with big hand, right? It's a wonder Waver can still standing heh

He must be enjoying that ass of Waver too much. To be honest, I am seriously getting tired how this show somehow always focusing back on Rider and Waver.

But at least Rider is good for something. He manages to convince Tokiomi to send out Gilgamesh. Not only that, the fight between Saber and Lancer has also called forth Kiriya and Berserker. Oh yeah. HOLY FUCK indeed. Three Kings of Knights fighting plus a nutjob and King of Conquerer? This better be cum worthy.

And cum worthy it really is. Berserker does not phailed me. He easily deflects any attack from Gilgamesh which further enraged the King. I was totally blown away by the quality of the fight or maybe Berserker is just one cool mothafucka with that black armor of his. I couldn't peel my eyes away. It is just too awesome for words. Kudos Ufotable. You are slowly becoming one of my favorite studios of all time.

Unfortunately though, Gilgamesh is too smug for his own good. He is just ill-tempered and would have opened the gate of Babylon further if Tokiomi doesn't stop him. It was a wise decision. I rather we save Gilgamesh for last. Despite his attitude, he is quite possibly one of the strongest and that noble phantasm of his is definitely among the most troublesome.

Oh yes Archer ♥

This doesn't stop Berserker from going... well, berserk. He quickly changes his opponent to Saber while Rider and Lancer are having a chat. It is revealed that Berserker's noble phantasm is anything that he can get his hands on. Thankfully Lancer cut his chat short otherwise Saber would have been dead getting hit on her head. Unfortunately, his Master is an asshole. Kayneth uses his seal and command Lancer to help Berserker to kill Saber. Jeebus, where is the honor in that? I feel sorry for Lancer. He was humiliated but an order is an order after all no matter how hard he try to fight it. Damn that Magi.

During this whole fight, Emiya and Maiya try hard to find Kiriya to no avail and since Kayneth is being a dick, Emiya has no choice but to fulfill his death wish while Maiya will take down Assassin.

shit is about to hit the f- never mind...

But of course Rider just has to fucking interfere in everything. He pretty much send Berserker back into hiding as well as convinced Kayneth to withdraw unless he wants to see Lancer defeated by threatening to join Saber for the fight. In a way it helps Lancer to regain his self esteem back but at the same time... it's getting rather annoying.

Kiriya is better at hiding than the Assassin lol. He obviously relishes the idea that Berserker is somewhat able to kick everyone's asses if he wishes to do so but mostly he is ecstatic that his Servant has humiliated Gilgamesh. I sorta understand his grudge against Tokiomi. After all he is in this war for Sakura's sake. Having said that, Kiriya has to control Berserker better or he ends up losing his life.

On the other side of town, several things happened:

  • One of Kirei assassin found a familiar sneaking around outside the Church barrier. It is possible that the familiar belonged to Emiya since he did send one over.
  • Ryuunosuke and Bluebeard were watching the fight through magic crystal ball. This obviously makes Ryuuosuke absolutely jubilant. It looks like they had done some more killing since the last time we saw them. Those splattered blood on the walls...
  • Bluebeard by some cruel fate, sorta has a crush on Saber. I shudder at the thought of him fapping to Saber. Jeebus.

To conclude this episode, allow me to once again bring your attention to the Berserker. He possibly the reason why I enjoyed this episode so much. He's all action and no talk, man and I personally think that Ufotable has done such a magnificent job with their character design. Those jet black armor and those black fogs that always surround him just makes him looks so damn formidable. The other Servants have the right to pee in their pantsu with either jealousy or fear. Berserker, you have officially becomes be favorite Servant as of now.

did you jizz or did you jizz?

You guys wanna found out who's Berserker really is? Ogiue Maniax has the answer.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Hello again :D

Okay, where to start...
It's actually not the fear which traumatizes Waver, but the humiliation. Kayneth is just an ass and makes fun of him again.

And you seem to misunderstand Tokiomi. He ABSOLUTELY didn't want Gilgamesh to show up(Yet he knew Gil wouldn't ignore such provocation). It's just that unlike every other Servant, Archer Servants have the special ability "Independent Action", which means they can act without their Master around them, as long as they don't use up all their energy to lose their physical form. That's why Tokiomi isn't amused he summoned Gil as an Archer class, since this class isn't as obedient as the other classes, except for Berserker.

Moving on...
Berserker has 3 special abilities(but since I don't want to spoil too much, since it's explained later, I will only explain two of them shortly):
1.The first one is already explained by Rider. Everything he touches will become his NP. If it has a special rank, then it will maintain that rank. For example, Durandal, the first sword he grabbed had rank A, then it will still be rank A after he takes it. However, if it's just a normal "thing" like the iron pole he picked up to fight Saber, then it will become a NP with rank D. He pours his energy into it and every weapon he touches becomes pitch black. So basically, he is Archer's natural enemy. Lancer again would be Berserker's natural enemy, since Gae Dearg can pierce through his armor and cuts off the energy flow in Berserker's weapons. That's why he could cut off Berserker's iron pole that easily.

2. The second one is explained by Saber and Waver. It's sort of the illusion mist that's around them. Normally, Masters can read a Servant's status and can compare their class abilities and parameters with their own Servant's status. Waver already had a good look at Lancer, Saber and Archer, but he wasn't able to read Berserker's status. For Saber for example, it looks like this:
But for Berserker it looks like this:

3.Well, I'll leave it out, since it will reveal his true identity.^^ Let's just say, if he had been summoned as a Saber class... damn, I am pretty sure, King Arthur would be utterly defeated, especially if she doesn't have Avalon.

All three Nps have something to do with his past, though I doubt you can figure it out until you've seen his third one. ;D

Berserker also has the ability „Eternal Arms Mastership“(Rank A+). This allows him to master every weapon he considers a weapon, like it's his own weapon he has fought with for years – no matter how mad or in what kind of condition his mind is. Combined with his first NP he actually can't run out of weapons and will still always fight great. He used the iron pole like a lance for example.

About the Command Spells: Hehe, sucks for Lancer, what? ;-/ Even though he is a Knight class, his magic resistance is only rank B. The Saber class has the highest resistance and since Saber has a Dragon attribute(as King Arthur was suppposed to be the incarnation of a dragon), her resistance is rank A, meaning every modern spell is pretty much useless against her. She can even resist at least one Command Spell for a few hours(known from FSN Unlimited Blade Works route, when Caster tried to order Saber to kill Shirou and Rin).

And Kiritsugu actually only wanted to protect Iri, since this War is pointless if she dies. As you can see, he was willing to sacrifice Maiya to kill Lancer's Master. Unfortunately, he also still needs Saber because only Servants in their spirit form can obtain the Grail. And also, Avalon is useless if it's not filled with Saber's magical energy.(both Saber and Maiya are convenient tools for him. Maiya knows that and can understand it and even acts less emotional than Kiritsugu which helps him a lot. Even though she is „just a tool“, he can still trust her, as you can see in episode 3. He gave her his favorite weapon – the Thompson Contender(the weapon in the suitcase) – while he was NINE years absent.)

About Caster: Just a short explaination about his identity. He calls himself Bluebeard, but since Bluebeard is not a legend but clear fiction, Caster is the one whose based on Bluebeard: Gilles de Rais, a mass murderer in the middle age. Gilles de Rais was one of Jeanne d'Arc's generals. So he mistakes Saber to be the holy maiden/virgin of Orléans Joan of Arc. That's how she looks like in the Nasuverse: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/6277/1319910449128.jpg

Yeah, the bat was Maiya's familiar(btw, she is pretty skilled with familiars). The bat had a camera on its leg and Kiritsugu is the only heretic who uses technology. Even Tokiomi is too conservative, since he refuses a jacked-free phone line. Instead, he uses his jewel magecraft to communicate with Kirei.

Btw, there are some terms you might need to know, otherwise there will be problems to understand Kiritsugu's techniques and power later. Hm... where to start:

Maryoku(magical energy, also sometimes called „Prana“), I think, I will quote Raze(UTW's translator) to explain this term:

Raze says:
October 8, 2011 at 5:34 am

„I’m well aware of the distinction between the two types of maryoku, thank you very much. From my understanding, マナ (natural mana) and オド (internal mana or “Od”) are the exact same thing except they differ only in where they exist (the former is mana produced by and existing in nature, and the latter is mana as existing in the Mage). Od is simply mana that a Mage’s magical circuits have filtered and collected from the external surroundings (ie. natural mana); a Mage’s magical circuits do not create mana per se.

There is no characteristic difference at all between natural and internal mana (read: they are the exact same thing) other than where the Mage got the mana from once channeled to perform magic.

My decision to translate maryoku as “mana” was a conscious one. I think we can all agree that mana is linguistically equivalent to maryoku as used in the Nasuverse. “Magical energy” is long and pedantic, and given how often maryoku is mentioned in the Nasuverse it’s pointless and retarded to use the longer, less commonly-used term in English when there is no real need to.
Should the distinction between the two types of mana even need to be made, distinguishing between the two is easy, like I already did in the above: simply translate マナ as “natural mana” and オド as “internal mana”. Nothing of value is lost, given that マナ and オド are simply types of maryoku.

And let’s not even talk about using “prana” (as suggested by that w/e TypeMoon wiki thing). I’m not using some random Indian substitute term just because it’s somehow wrong to use mana when maryoku == mana anyway.

I do believe I made it quite clear in my TypeMoon translations that my experience has been entirely rooted in the original Japanese and that I don’t care very much for how the terms have been previously translated. Just because it’s been done before, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 100% correct and I have to agree with it. Neither am I going to waste my time reading up on how
the terms have been translated before when differences exist between official and fan translations (and even between separate fan translations) of the terms anyway.“

Now the next term is „Magic Circuit“. To sum it up in a few words: It's a pseudo-nerve system, just replace nerve with „mana“. If you want to use magecraft, you need magic circuits. Every magus is born with a certain amout of magic circuits. When mana runs through them, they are opened/activated. The more circuits you activate at one time, the more mana you can use(or better, the more mana runs through your body). Activating them raises your body temperature – that's why Kiritsugu's heat sensor is a great tool to detect magi.

A magus who doesn't have enough magic circuits(there are some who do not have many magic circuits, but the quality of the circuits is extraordinary, so that's an exception), cannot use any magecraft. The bloodline of the Matou family is actually dead(Matou Shinji, Sakura's brother doesn't have a single magic circuit). Kariya was the first after a few generations who has a natural talent to use magecraft, but since he left the family out of disgust, the family head Zouken had to adopt the talented Sakura.

Now Kariya may have the potential(which by itself is already a miracle), but he wasn't trained, so it was actually impossible for him to summon and control a Servant. That's when the Crest Worms, Zouken implanted inside Kariya come in. They can act as additional magic circuits and can provide more mana by eating away their host. It's even more painful for Kariya, since he had to make fast improvements(he only had one year of preparation). So summoning and using the Berserker class is actually even worse for him, because to control them, you need lots of mana(even more, since Berserker pours his mana into his weapons). According to Rin, there wasn't even one single person who can entirely control a Berserker. Ilya is an exception. As she is a homunculus(essentially a being made out of magic circuits), she has a lot of mana back-up and her Command Spell is also on her entire body, instead on her arm or hand

That's enough for now, sorry for writing so much. :S Hope it was not to complicated and I was able to help a bit.^^

Uh... correction. Replace nerves with magic circuits. Your nerves aren't flowing through your whole body, are they? >.>

Hello again Reiki :D

It just makes Archer more appealing now that I know he has that “independent action” thingy going on. But I guess once the Master uses that seal thingy on their hand the Servant doesn’t have too much of an option but to obey.

I love Lancer too bad he got Kayneth for his Master. I would have done sepukku with that kind of humiliation lol

I can’t thank you enough for the lesson on Berserker. So that’s what that black fog thingy is for! That’s pretty cool. I used to roleplay as one of the captain in Bleach. We created our own zanpaktou with whatever power we want. If I had known of Berserker’s abilities before hand, I would have definitely used it. That Eternal Arm Mastership looks mighty handy ability to have considering how unstable his mental is. Thanks to your explanation about mana, I finally understand why Kariya had that Crest Worm implanted in him. Ouch, that must have been very painful but considering how fucking awesome Berserker is, I don’t have a choice but to be in awe. I guess he really want to save Sakura even though she’s passed the point of no return.

Somehow Emiya’s true reason always got passed me, maybe because I didn’t give much attention to Airi. The truth is, I am always more interested with the Servants than their Masters which is exactly why I keep forgetting that they are magic users. I’m grateful that you remind me of that through all the terms that you pointed out. I prefer mana too. It was simple and it is easier to grasp the idea behind it. Either way, in the end mana/prana/Magical Energy/maryoku is the same thing.

Thank goodness that Caster is not actually fapping to Saber. That would be just wrong.

Now that you mentioned it, I just realized that Tokiomi could have picked up a phone. LOL you have a keen eye for details. You know what was hilarious? The fact that Rider studied all those videos etc using our technology even though all Servants seemed like they have a grasp of their surroundings once they were called forth by their Master.

By the way, you made me google Nasuverse. I honestly don’t know it exists lol sad. You must really be a fan. Do not say sorry for writing so much when I got to learn a lot. I’m humbled and impressed at the same time :D

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