31 October 2011

Working'!!: Episode 5

Last episode was brilliant so this episode has a big shoe to fill in. Heh, who am I kidding. Either way I will find a reason to compliment this show but the best thing about Working'!! is, they give you plenty of reasons to fall in love with the series. They are just that good.

Am I a biased fucker or am I a biased fucker? LOL

If there is one person that I dislike in Working'!!, it has to be Kyoko. I think she is unreasonable and in real life, a person like her won't have a chance to be a waiter, let alone a manager unless of course she threatens the owner, which what she likely did anyway. Even Takanashi, the nicest guy, has up to his nose with her attitude.

And because of that he is being lectured by Poplar of all people about respecting his elders. No one can blame him though. He has to deal with that kind of people all his life. No wonder he has such complex for cute things. Even Souma offered to help Takanashi gets along fine with Kyoko but he better put that thoughts aside if he values his life.

Everyone gets involved in the end which means this will be a long day at Wagnaria unless someone stops this madness. That someone is none other than always so reliable Satou-kun. If I was him, I would punch a hole through that insatiable stomach of hers. That should solved the problem, wouldn't it?

Whats worse is, now even Yamada wants to get spoiled; eat the foods without paying and doesn't do any work at all. Lead by example my ass. Thank goodness no one bothers to do so, except Poplar. Since Yamada is always fishing for compliments, she asked her to learn to make parfait but Yamada is just shitty at whatever she does. Worry not though because this is good news for Kyoko. She can eat all the messed up parfait. This can be considered a lottery for her and thus she encouraged Yamada to practice harder. Very cunning indeed but hey it works! Yamada is all fuwa-fuwa.

Bad news for Satou-kun though. All the ingredients were used up. He's very frustrated indeed. I feel sorry for him having to deal with these retards everyday, but envious at the same time lol. He, Takanashi and Souma has a brief meeting during break. They want to do something about Kyoko. At the very least they want to convince her to do some work.

the nature of a saddist

Souma sort of lie to her that if they run out of ingredients in the kitchen, they might have to shut down and the rest of them get fired. It seems like that does the trick.

Halfway through the episode, Takanashi finds a cute lost little girl behind Wagnaria when he takes out the garbage. One look at the cute girl, he obviously lost it and quickly becomes a pedobear. He even has this plan ready to take care of the kid. No one even let Souma near the kid, afraid that he will corrupt her. lmao god I fucking love this show.

Satou knows best

Kyoko ends up looking after the kids since everyone else are busy at the front. Surprising they sorta bonded. I thought she would have eat her alive since she is so hungry she hardly has any energy to converse. I mean, she once thought Yachiyo's cheeks were delicious.

At the end they manages to find the parent of the lost kids, thanks to Souma quick thinking. Irony isn't it when they all blame him for not saying anything earlier lol. As expected Takanashi isn't very appreciative and couldn't hide his disappointment when the mother takes the lost kid home.

Kyoko also gets to eat. Satou even put an effort of making her some food. D'awww he's such a gentleman. Hmm, I hope this changed Kyoko will last forever and not just in this episode.

So in this episode Kyoko finally noticed that Satou doesn't like her too much though she is still clueless of the reason. Think headed people like her will always gets in everyone's way whether she realized it or not. This episode also revealed that despite everything Kyoko does loves her workplace and doesn't want it to close down. Perhaps it is her sanctuary or perhaps the thought of not being able whenever scared the bejeebus out of her.

Kyoko is actually a very simple and dense person. She likes anyone who gives her food and she openly admits to Satou that she likes him as much as Yachiyo, not that Satou cares anyway. In a sense, I sorta found her less annoying towards the end of this episode. Damn it I let her charms get to me!

On a side note, strangely enough, even after knowing all his shortcomings as pedobear, Inami is still in love with him. This sort of reminds me of myself. No, I'm not in love with a pedobear but he's a jerk nonetheless.

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This episode had me laughing at a couple of points, but the energy level just didn't seem as high as some episodes.

well, they /were/ dealing with the dejected Kyoko after all.

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