17 November 2011

Bleach: Chapter 473

Logically, you be dead or choked on your own blood when you have a freaking see-through hole on your chest but hey this is Kubo's troll world we are talking about where you can still live even when you were cut in half, or been fatally stabbed twice. Don't believe me? Ask Momo. She's the living proof >_>


Oh well, at least Tsukishimais dead... eventually, after Byakuya has said his final words to his pathetic form. It looks like Yukio has been defeated as well since the dimension curtains have been lifted up from everyone. Yep, including Rukia but not including Ichigo, Ishida and Genjou.

To say that I was disappointed was a fucking understatement. It seems like Rukia /was/ defeated by Rurika when she pinched her tits with whathefuck weapon of hers and Byakuya had to come in and saved her. I mean, I was thankful that Byakuya did that but come on now, how the fuck can Rukia lost against the likes of Rurika. Why the fuck are you suddenly depicting Rukia to be so freaking weak when she is now a fucking fukutaicho of Squad Thirteen?

Jeebus Kubo, you never phailed to piss me off every week. Go die.

As for Riruka, she was nowhere to be seen. I hope she commits sepukku and spare us from her presence in the future.

With everyone's fights are now over, time to focus on the main event. Since Tsukishima is dead, then the people who were affected by his ability will go back to normal and thus Ginjou asked Ichigo why is he still fighting. The fight was intense since Ginjou has Ichigo's exact abilities however Ginjou still need something to give him an advantage and he decided that it is prime time to tell Ichigo of a fairy tale.

errr... lolwut?

I'm still pissed about Rukia and I don't need this kind of shit. I guess I better stop here or this post will turn out to be filled with my endless rant.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I read the chapter--everything was dandy until Byakuya had to get Rukia. I smacked my computer even though it was Kubo to blame. After all this time of Rukia being gone, he Kubo went and made her weak. Rukia could have totally defeated Rurika.


I have no clue but he better have Rukia kick some ass quick or I am really going to get mad.

I have a theory that Riruka sorta transferred herself "into" Rukia when she stabbed her. That's why the "R" sorta dissipate indicating that... ah fuck it. I don't give a shit anymore

Just what I was afraid of. Rukia sucked during the fight... why Kubo why!?

sometimes I wonder what the hell was he thinking. Why can't he just do what was expected of him? It's not like the path he chose was any better, in fact, I am sure it's gonna be sucks ball.

he may try to turn Ichigo against Soul Society, which is something I can completely sympathize with. True they keep us safe, but there sure is a lot of abuse of power and ignoring of suffering. Perhaps I'd stop short of bloodshed, but they have a lot they need to be held accountable for.

Course, that bastard stole Ichigo's powers, so Ichigo owes him an ass kicking regardless

it would be ironic if kubo did that when the captains and whose not have done their parts restoring his shinigami power.

I did not enjoy this chapter.
I agree, Rukia should not have been so easily defeated, it's really, really silly. Vice-Captains should not be this weak, or well, they aren't, I bet even Rukia isn't weak, Kubo is just really, really silly.

I bet, Riruka is hiding herself inside Rukia, and the next arc will involve the two of them getting captured, and subsequently requiring Ichigo to rescue them. YAY for another damsel in distress quest~!

I found the Ginjou part to be silly as well. I mean, WHY THE HELL, DO WE NEED TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION AGAIN??? All of these "twists" are getting really annoying.

Oh, and I bet Tsukushima won't die. The laws of Shonen dictate that if a character is not dead immediately after a battle, he won't die because of that battle.

Kubo is dragging this arc again and ignored the cries of his fans who want this arc to be done and over with like... yesteryear. As a fan who has been following this series since it was first started, I get more frustrated every week. I really do miss the old days of Soul Society where we were all excited for the new chapter and thought Kubo was a fucking brilliant. Turned out he is just a troll.

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