16 November 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 5

Think fast Yuki. Are you going to choose Sixth and die or be safe with Yuno and be protected. Come on now, it wasn't so hard of a choice.

when was she /not/ wacko?

The truth is, Tsubaki doesn't actually has clairvoyance. She was just used by her parent and was forced to be the cult's figurehead. The whole Sacred Eye thingy is a hoax and she became a whore for the men in the cult. Huh, I knew it. No wonder she's so slutty. Despite everything she still refused to leave the confinement of that place. Yuki should really listen to Yuno just let her killed Sixth.

Twelfth has the Righteous Diary in a form of voice recorder and among all the diary holder, Twelfth is definitely unique. His behavior is unpredictable and perhaps that what makes him dangerous but I can't take him seriously. He's just kind of goofy. Looked like Twelfth has had his fun with Ninth so he was willingly letting her go, but he took Ninth's mini bombs to cause chaos.

Kurusu managed to capture Ninth before she escaped though and warned Yuki about the bombs. Yuki didn't get a breather though before Twelfth appeared as Quintwelve and made a fool out of himself but I must say that I was thoroughly entertained with his Power Ranger skit.

Twelfth pretty much repeated what Yuno said about Sixth deceiving him but Yuki being a useless wimp that he is, still doubt it. Twelfth even allowed Yuki to run and save himself because he only wanted to kill Sixth for the evil deeds that have been going on in the cult. You have to admit that Twelfth has a valid point there.

Since there were four dummies of Twelfth, Yuno quickly came up with an idea of how to determine which one is the real Twelfth and it only took few seconds for her to kill him off, as expected of her. Twelfth had a name by the way. He was Hirasaka Yomotsu.

But things were not looking good for Yuno. She was burning up and thus overexerting herself trying to protect Yuki from harm. If only he listened to Yuno, he won't get caught and they both can live happily ever after. Alas, now that Yuno was weak, Sixth took the opportunity to try and kill them both. But first, she gonna rape Yuki.

lol Sixth, that was not a brilliant idea, not when Yuno was still around. She fucking cut the bitch arms off but fainted soon after he sent Yuki running to save his own ass with her diary. But at least now he realized that her feelings for her is real, that in her twisted yandere way, she truly loves him.

I hope he does something before Yuno suffered the same fate as the Sixth. I hate thinking that she would be defiled by those fugly fuckers for the sake of Sixth. And for once Yuki didn't disappoint me. Hooray for taking charge and finally choosing Yuno. Wise decision indeed.

Yuki suddenly seems so much hotter :3

As for Ninth, Kurusu let her go in exchange for her email address. Obviously he has something up his sleeves and I am actually happy knowing that it wasn't the end of Ninth just yet. She proved to be quite interesting as a character.

At the end of the episode, we gotta see how Murumuru coaxed Twelfth to be a diary holder and as expected, he was once again entertaining, even if he was just a memory from this episode onwards. You will be missed, Twelfth... or not. Heh.


Twelfth was a bit of a joke, but this episode did have me guessing, as to who was the bad guy. I totally fell for every trick, thinking Sixth was good and twelfth was bad and Yuno was bad and I even doubted the detective at first. LOL. It is nice to get tricked that much by a show.

I knew Sixth was bad news from the get go. I was tricked with Twelfth since he turned out to be just a simpleton. I still doubt Kusuru and knew Yuno is good simply because her desire is only one: Yuki. She doesn't mean harm to anybody unless they messed up with Yuki.

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