10 October 2011

Working'!!: Episode 2

I thought something was lacking in the first episode but I just didn't know what it was until I read digitalboy's post. Working'!! season 2 is too clean cut and who would have thought that I am actually gonna miss the hole-decorated wall. Oh well, it is not a big deal since I watch this show for and only the characters ^__^

Oh by the way, the OP still has that same "someone wan wan" feeling from season 1 and it is hard for me not to like it even though shit like this usually annoys the fuck out of me. Can you see how biased I can be? LOL

Episode 2 starts with Aoi Yamada and Inami who are envious (both for different reasons) of Poplar since Takanashi always pats her head and said she's cute. Aoi doesn't have any qualm to walk up to Takanashi and basically beg to be spoiled as well only to be snickered back by Takanashi. He can be surprisingly cruel if he wanted to.

Aoi then finds solace with Souma out of all people at Wagnaria. I didn't know she and Souma are that close. Oh well, apparently since her tactic with Takanashi didn't work, she wants to try it out on someone else and since Souma fits the "older brother" character... Heh, cheeky. Unfortunately for her, Souma isn't one to be easily fooled so she and Poplar end up forming a group to stalk Souma and find out his secrets.

Even though Souma already knew what they are up to, Aoi is still as determined as ever. This just gives Souma the reason to fuck with their heads lmao. He purposely lied through his teeth with some very unfunny and serious scenarios, like murdering a whole family. What's more retarded is the fact that Aoi thinks Souma is a mental who calls up "time and temperature" and pretends to be in a crime drama. Jeebus that got me laughing so hard.

Souma even got a new nick name: So-mental-san. LOL WIN

On another note, Inami is as insecure as ever. Since she knows she isn't as cute as Poplar, she thinks she got nothing going on for her except her androphobia. If she is cured, she thinks Takanashi won't have any reason to talk to her anymore. I can see where this is going. She is going to stop trying to cure her phobia and Takanashi will be the subject of her punch every fucking day.

But of course the others will interfere. Everyone notices how much Inami likes Takanashi so they are trying to figure out a way for that thick headed moron to take notice of Inami's feelings for him. Poplar asked Yachiyo and Satou for help and the irony doesn't escape Satou's keen perception. Yachiyo is just as thick headed as Takanashi after all. Heh.

Poplar tries a different approach by talking Inami up in front of Takanashi but when Poplar asked him what kind of girl would he likes for a girlfriend, he answered "someone who doesn't punches me". LOL oh shit Inami, you are done for.

On another another note, Otoo-san is back from his journey to find his missing wife. As usual, he gets bullied again by Kyoko, Yachiyu and Aoi. Jeebus, man up, Otoo! If Satou didn't save the day, he would have been dead. Also, Aoi is so damn happy that Otoo-san is back to spoil her, she wants him to adopt her. As if!

On another another ANOTHER note, Poplar decided to play prank on Satou for all the bullying she receives when Satou gets frustrated with Yachiyo. Too bad she is of no use when it comes to evil things. Urgh, now I see why people actually like her. Damn it.

I was hoping to see more development between Takanashi and Inami but we still have 10 more episodes to go. Plenty of time to be awesome. Also, I think Jun Fukuyama does a good job as Satou. I'm in love with that character now... or rather I'm renewing my vows ♥


This episode was FUCKING AWESOME. I think the anime as a whole looks better than last year.

I bet you are referring to Yachiyo unsheathing her katana ^__^

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