30 October 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 4

Yuu was complimented once again during his visit to the Velvet Room. I'm not sure whose persona does Chariot Arcana belongs to but I assumed it belongs to Chie.

The search for Yukiko continues as Chie is all fired up to save that friend of hers. They sorta found her but it was only her Shadow playing games with them. I guess this means that Yukiko too will get her own Persona, if she manages to accept that other side of hers of course. Problem with Yukiko is, she doesn't want to get stuck with the inn but at the same time she knows there is nothing she can do about it. She was hoping that Chie will help her escape from such wretched fate but how was Chie supposed to know is she doesn't tell her anything?

Yukiko is obviously gay for Chie. I won't call my girlfriend as my prince >_>
(c) yamakawa

This got me thinking that maybe the previous victims were dead because they can't accept the darker side of themselves and thus they were consumed by it. At least this was the trend that I spot inside of this TV dimension.

Anyhoo, back to the episode, Chariot Arcana is indeed belongs to Chie. Unfortunately though there was nothing much they can do since Yukiko other self sort of stronger and have them in a bind (but not for long). I'm sure it just a way to awaken Yukiko and has her in control of her Persona but I thought the whole saving her thingy was reeked with bullshit (if you can't tell already, I do not like Yukiko).

In the end, as expected of them, the trio managed to save Yukiko. And suddenly there are four >_>

(c) Mhr

So we get to see another one of Yuu's Persona: Ara Mitama that looks like a red apostrophe and has the ability to resist physical attack, just like Miranda told him earlier in that Velvet Room. I wonder if Yuu will continue to get more Persona as he helps his friend getting their own Persona. Should be fun to see what will he (or the others) gets next.

Chie's Persona, The Chariot, is just as badass as she is. I guess that should speak for itself. They are called Persona after all, duh. Comparing The Chariot with Yukiko's Persona, hers is obviously more fugly as Yukiko's reflect her beauty to the T. I still don't like her though.

Apparently, this episode is sort of insightful as they delved deeper with what happened to Yukiko where else in the game, they just basically have the Shadow of Yukiko saying she wanted to be free etc and soon after defeated. Hmm, since I don't play the game and is not a fan of Yukiko, I just found this episode tiring and can't wait till it's over. The laughing fits? Pfftt though I must admit Chie looks cute in those glasses ^_^

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p/s: I should write this down simply because if I don't my memory will phailed me. The Persona so far: Yousuke's Persona is called Jiraiya. Yuu's are Izanagi, Ara Mitama and Pyro Jack/Jack Lantern while Chie's is The Chariot.


In before social link episode next week it seems! :P

I must have missed the preview >_>

I missed the preview too!

I've played the game and I too was bored with Yukiko. In the game I dated Chie instead :)

The Personas get more and more interesting as we go along!

Yukiko is your typical girl. In other words, she's boring. Only someone with zero personalities would like her.

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