17 October 2011

Persona 4 The Animation: Episode 2

Once again the episode starts inside the Velvet Room with Igor and Margaret. Yuu received a Contractor's key and was declared to have the wild card Persona that holds infinite potential. Heh, definitely something that I want to hear.

Yuu, Chie and Yosuke managed to get back to the real world the same way they entered the alternate world: via television. Once back, Yuu saw the same poster that he saw in the alternate world and concludes that it has something to do with the murder. She is after all the wife of the announcer whose bitch was murdered yesterday. But that was as far as the conversation goes.

It was raining the next day and some retard waited for Yukiko in front of the school gate in order to ask her to go out with him. Yukiko declined and off he went but I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of him yet.

There is another murder in town and just like the previous murder, the victim was left hanging from a telephone pole. The victim is none other than the girl Yosuke had his eyes on: Konishi Saki that we met briefly in episode 1, the same girl that Yosuke saw in the Midnight Channel the night before.

Yosuke connected the missing dots and came to the conclusion that whoever appeared in that Midnight Channel show will be the next victim of the Shadows. Somehow the two worlds are connected. Of course that is what really happened but the kids don't know that so they decided to go inside the TV again though this time Chie was left behind.

The Bear welcomed them by accusing that they are the culprits who have been throwing people into the TV world before the fog lifted. Yosuke zipped the Bear opened and it quickly changed his mind. The bear even begged them to find and stop the one who is responsible. Yosuke wanted to decline but when Yuu said no, there was nothing he could do but play along and so he was given a spectacle too.

They went to the place where the Bear last saw Konishi and immediately heard voices after that. Obviously it was a trap, even more so when they heard Konishi saying Yosuke being a pain in the ass. Yosuke almost lost it when another Yosuke appeared, obviously his Persona (or rather his Shadow). He looks kinda evil and that just instantly make him hotter >=3

the best selfcest to date!
(c) Mikuni

Oh I definitely wanted to believe that Yosuke has that inner dark self in him. That would make him far more interesting than just a comic relief for this show. The more he denies it though, the stronger his Shadow becomes. At last Yuu punched some senses into him to stop him from being too pathetic and thus, Yosuke managed to defeat the Shadow and guess what? He gets a card too so now Izanagi has a friend to hang out with.

There are definitely tons of bromance moments in this episode between Yuu and Yosuke. This just reminds me of a doujinshi I read not too long ago about Yosuke's Shadow and Yuu. Heh, that was a good doujinshi >=D

(c) Mogmahiru

Anyhoo, now that Yosuke too has his own Persona, he is all fire up to find the real culprit that causing all these murders. That is just great. Here I am hoping that Chie will be the next one to get a Persona too. I have taken a liking to her within a span of two episodes. She must have done something right. Heh.


If you're out looking for Yuu/Yousuke bromance, then I think P4 will probably deliver that. Yousuke's story is one of my favorites in P4 to be honest, and that's coming from the @fkeroge you know.

That is the best piece of news I have heard today. Sankyu. Yousuke was rather annoying at first but now that I learned the darker side of him, he is more appealing. i just love my boys bad, you know =3

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