18 October 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 2

I am totally addicted to this show. After watching episode 1, I was totally on cloud 9. It is just that good. Now on to episode 2!

True to his words, Taichi has made everyone ignored Chihaya and Arata. Good news is, Chihaya didn't seem to be fazed by the cold treatment that she got. Her don't-give-a-fuck attitude just enraged Taichi even further. Heh, obviously Taichi was just jealous of Arata. Jeebus, kids are kids after all.

I see now why Taichi has complete control over the class. He was a good looking kid who was good at studying and everything else that he did. Naturally everyone thought he was cool. Being second was just not in his vocabulary so when Arata transferred in, he felt threatened even more so when his best friend seemed to take a liking towards Arata.

Now that everyone knew Arata was into Kurata, Taichi will try his best to beat Arata at his own game but once saw Arata playing the game, he understood why he will forever be second in Chihaya's life. Being a spoiled kid that he was, Taichi always tried to make Arata's life miserable. What he didn't know was, the more he did that, the more Chihaya will take Arata's side which in turn made his own life miserable.

Life, it has a funny way of dealing with jealousy.

For example, when he took Arata's glasses so that he would lost the Kurata's game, he didn't think that Arata would suspected him. Of course Chihaya will not believe Arata since she wanted to believe that Taichi was not that mean. He also did not expect Arata to still be able to beat him in the Kurata so he played dirty again by removing the cards. Jeebus Taichi, how bad do you want to win this stupid game? You are so not cool right now.

But Chihaya to the rescue!

Hah, bet you didn't expect that either, right Taichi? What's more if the fact Chihaya beat him in his own game. HAH! Take that!

This just made Chihaya and Arata that more close to each other now. Even Taichi had to admit that Arata was so freaking cool when they saw him practicing Kurata all by himself without his glasses nor the cards.

So in the end he came clean and admitted that he stole the glasses but begged Arata not to tell Chihaya about it. Arata wasn't so dense as to not realized Taichi feelings towards Chihaya now and voila the three of them became the best of friends that day but not without rivalry between Taichi and Arata and that's probably one of the best thing about this show.

lol the irony of this series is, I keep telling myself that i would have dropped the manga during certain scene but still loving this show.

Anyhoo, thanks to this episode, i have a better understanding of what Kurata is. This is a good series to uphold the traditional game of Japan.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


This was a great episode. Taichi is a jerk, but a very believable jerk. Chihaya is an awesome character; I like the fact that she sticks up for people, not just Arata, but Taichi as well. The scene where her family was so obsessed with her sister's career that they ignored her attempts to tell them about the match was sad, but they didn't overplay it.

If Taichi has to be the second fiddle to Arata then Chihaya kinda always stuck in her sister's shadow. However, like you said, they didn't overplay it. It is up to us as viewers to take the hint. Clever indeed.

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