25 August 2011

Bleach: Chapter 461

Mangastream is a bit slow this week. Thank goodness for internet for I found the latest chapter on mangareader.net.

Ginjou is basically peeing in his pantsu when he saw the kind of power behind Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou attack. The look on his face is almost comical. He must have regretted all the stupid words he said earlier and lucky for him, Ichigo 'missed'. Ginjou does the unthinkable though. I don't remember any other villains in Bleach runs from a fight. Ginjou staggers away with tail between his legs, planning on seeking revenge afterwards when he is revamped with Ichigo's stolen power.

But Ichigo has just got a power upgrade. There's no way that Ginjou can run and get away with it. I almost feel sorry for the asshole for being so desperate. This obviously defy what most of us want. We want Ginjou to put up an awesome fight with Ichigo just so that this arc won't be so useless and stupid. I guess we are asking too much from Kubo. He must have realized how fucking dumb this arc is and wants to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

holy shiiiii-

And yep, just like that, Ginjou is fried. The end.

Oh well, at least Kubo quickly calms my nerves down with the shinigami. Kubo is so sly isn't he? I'll forgive him since the captains and vice captains are all looking mighty fappable.

the hawt guys. If only Gin is still around T__T

Just like I said in previous chapter, the shinigami won't be reprimanded by Soul Society because it was under the old fuck Yamamoto's order. Urgh... I guess this confirms that he's still alive then. Urahara came to him with the proposal of restoring Ichigo's power and after some convincing, the old fuck agreed. I think he probably felt indebted to Ichigo (and Urahara too) for saving their ass during the fight with Aizen.

At least the old fuck is less ignorant nowadays. No wonder that Ichigo power seems to multiply a thousand times, the sword that Rukia stabbed him with contains all the reiatsu of the captains and vice-captains of the Gotei 13. Holy fuck, that is a lot of powers there.

But then again, the old fuck won't be so generous just because of that. Yet again he is using Ichigo to fight the battle for him because Ginjou wasn't fried and toasted yet. Apparently Soul Society wants Ichigo's help of eliminating Ginjou who was the first appointed substitute shinigami. This doesn't come as a surprised since it was hinted. He did have the badge when he first approached Ichigo, didn't he?

If I was Ichigo, I would bite off the dick of that old fuck. Someone should at least tell him what's going on so he has a clue or something. Also, if he was told, then his friends/family won't have to suffer memory loss. Why do they have to wait until after Ginjou stole Ichigo's power to come and provide him with aid? The old fuck just love making life difficult for Ichigo, that's why!

While the shinigami and Ichigo were chatting, he was busy getting his power back on and thanks to the power he stole from Ichigo, he too now has that power ranger suit on him.

he reminds me of Stark with pose like that

This fight oughta be good Kubo, now that you decided to take this arc further. Also, I want to see the other shinigami get into the fight too. Ginjou isn't the only bad guy around. There are Tsukishima and the other Xcutioners as well. Also, where is Urahara and Isshin? But most of all, I so fucking want to see Rukia fighting for the first time as a vice-captain :3

Speaking of her, where is she? ♥

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


why is the captain commander still alive? I thought he died. This is proves that Kubo will NEVER kill a good guy off. How stupid.

At least now the whole stupid pointless worthless arc have some sort of reason to it even tho it hardly seems like a good one.

the fact that the old fuck is still alive pissed me off thus I can't enjoy this chapter as much as I would like to. Kubo sucks at killing the right guy. It would have been so much better if the old fuck is dead. Imagine the drama or the story he can create to elect a new more sensible leader for the Gotei 13. Urgh... >_<

wee!wee!wee! me too! I wanna see rukia fight (i hope she has her bankai already)! About the power ranger suit, my thoughts exactly. I really do hope this arc won't be too shitty! ^^

It would be awesome if she has bankai but I doubt it though that would probably makes Ichigo comes in his pantsu ^__^

I don't recall ever thinking the old man was dead...

also rukia with bankai needs to happen. If I wrote this manga she'd be a second lead and at least temporarily rival ichigo for power at some point.

though really, if she'd just use that bad ass kidou of hers instead of her crappy sword skills, she'd be damn near captain level already.

Yamamoto is alive because it's extremely difficult for a "non-villain" character to die in Bleach. Just have to tolerate the old buffoon being still here. I agree old man Yama approved of giving Ichigo's powers back because he needed Ichigo to take care of the problem more than anything else. Although given Gotei 13's recent track record, you can't blame the old man haha.

You said it Michael. It would be interesting at one point when Ichigo has a rival in term of ability and it would be damn near perfect if that rival is Rukia. Damn, I just get an idea for a fanfic :3

@TJ, the old fuck is just too full of himself. If he already know how lackluster the Gotei 13 is, isn't it time to re-organize the damn association starting with him getting the boot? Poor Ichigo...

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