26 August 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 18

I need to catch up on a lot of anime since I've been neglecting them this past couple of weeks. I guess I will start with Ao no Exorcist since I decided to do an episodic review with the show. There is no point writing an episodic review for a stale episode.

The episode starts with Rin and Izumo getting attack by a bird demon. If Yukio has not showed up, Rin would have been in a heap of trouble because it seemed like the demon bird is after his sword. I wonder if it is the same demon bird that attacked Koneko up in the roof.

And I was right. Gale, that's the name of the demon bird, has successfully infiltrated the Academy. It used Koneko weak heart to lead it asunder. Mephisto has ordered all Exorcists including the Esquires to search for Gale. Rin would like to join but he has a training that he needs to attend to with Yukio watching over him.

Little did he know that his younger brother is fighting the demon within himself as well. By now I am sure Yukio must have known of the demon that residing in his arm. I wish he would just share his burden with Rin so that he can help him out too. This development clearly makes me nervous. I don't want anything bad happened to Yukio at all. I certainly don't want to see the twins fighting each other. That would be too cruel :(

While the others are looking for Gale, Koneko comes to Rin with that demon bird perches on his shoulder. Then he pretends as if Rin is attacking him. I wanna smack both he and Suguro's heads for being so oblivious. Rin should have just said what he saw instead of blindly attacking Koneko like that. That will obviously incurs everyone's suspicion and angers that Rin is getting out of control again. Having said that, I am sure by the end of the episode they will eventually learn the truth so... *shrugs*

Kuneko really pissed me off big time in this episode. I thought he was okay before but hell I was completely wrong. He's a fucking coward that causes his friends suffering. Thank goodness that it doesn't take long for Suguro to realize that Kunoke has gone bonkers and allying with a demon. Now he gets it why Rin wants to fucking kill Kuneko before.

smoking hawt ♥

With Kuneko accepting Gale willingly, his power multiplies and Rin has a hard time fighting him back. In my opinion, he is just holding himself back just because he doesn't want to hurt Kuneko. If I was Rin, I would just kill that four eyed fucker and claimed it as self-defense. But Rin is a nice guy after all and helps Kuneko out. Now that Kuneko ain't so afraid of Rin anymore, they all can be friends once again.

Cliche but it's needed

On the other side of the Academy city, Shura and that kitten professor are investigating the Gale. They found a gateway to another place instead, quite possibly a portal opened by a key. It was set up by the one-eyed ex professor who wants Rin dead. Shura goes inside the portal without any qualm and found a destroyed laboratory. Not any laboratory though. It's the artificial life laboratory that was banned by the Vatican 300 years ago. Obviously Mephisto is more than happy to learn about it and send a search party to investigate in the upcoming episodes.

Though judging by the preview, nothing will happen >_>


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