23 June 2011

Saying goodbye is not easy

I know something is just not right today the moment I woke up. For some reason I just keep thinking of you. Maybe because your birthday is coming up, or maybe because the other day our friends talked about you. For the first time since we broke up, I missed you so terribad. If I don't have any self control, I would have jump in the car and travel up north so that I can see you again.

Yeah, this is so unlike me. I know that. Behind closed door, I just can't lie to myself and say that I didn't care.

For the first time since we broke up, I cry and the tears just won't stop. The sadness is overwhelming. So this is how it feels to miss someone you loved. Thank you for the experience.

I am sorry and I wish you well.

(c) Shina-love



The title of your post says it all...

I just have too write something in order to release this bottled up feelings :(

No, it really isn't, is it? :(

after all these times, I still couldn't let go. Kinda stupid but hey

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