23 June 2011

Bleach: Chapter 453

I have my hopes high for this chapter since the first thing I saw when I sit in front of the computer is Bass complimenting the chapter. This ought to be good.

And as expected, it looks like Shuu-chan (reminds me of Shu from Kuragehime ♥) has completely brainwashed the twin. They are all being chummy and what not. Even Karin acts all moe around him which is the biggest surprise for Ichigo. So naturally he panics.

chill out, Ichigo

The twin quickly come to Shuu-chan's rescue which irks Ichigo even more. They are so very determine that Shuu-chan is the long lost uncle of theirs. Not only that, Shuu-chan (jeebus that's tiring) even invited Keigo, Mizuru and Tatsuki over for dinner and they all seem to know Shuu very well. Then he calls Inoue and Chad. Ichigo totally lost it then.

How the hell are they so friendly to Shuu, right?

Well, easy. All that sword slashing that left no wound altered their minds and think the way he wanted them to think. I don't need to wait for Kubo to give me such lengthy explanation when the essence of the theory is the same.

Poor Ichigo. He's confuse more than ever now. His friends are against him. The same friends that he wants to protect from the likes of Shuu. I have never seen Ichigo looks so vulnerable except after the SS arc when Rukia is not around.

Ichigo runs from his problem. For the first time in his life he does not know what to do and runs from it. That's how he meets his employee, Ikumi Unagi and thought that at least he can takes a breather. Unfortunately, Shuu has mind-fucked her too so when he comes by to picks him up, Ikumi is all smiley an happy to see him.

And thus he runs away again. My heart goes out to him. He looks so lost and Ginjou appearing at the end of the chapter just makes matter worst. Apparently Shuu has taken over the Xcutioner as well.

I wish this calls for Isshin, Urahara, Rukia and the rest of shinigami should have make a re-entrance. Shouldn't they be doing something when the humans are being attack, maybe not physically but mentally. Or are they supposed to protect the humans from hollows only?

Though to be honest, I was hoping to see Rukia again, this chapter is ain't bad at all. It left so many unanswered questions and makes us intrigued of what Shuu is really after. It was well executed. It's like reading the old Bleach and that makes me happy indeed.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


Ha maybe a villain has finally figured that beating Ichigo with force alone doesn't work. That was the most intriguing Bleach chapter in a long long time... way too long.

He made Ichigo ran away. That was something I thought I never see.

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