06 February 2011

Wonfest 2011 Want: Stocking

There are lots of figures preview at Wonfest 2011. I know some guys who are banging their heads on the wall because there are too many figures they want to fap to. Lucky for me though, I don't like any of them except for this one:



Haven't seen the anime, but she's adorable. Love her eyes and her colors!

Those nendoroids are so tempting. Theres a Bakuman, L and Yoko one that I have my eye on, but they cost a crapload

Stocking has one of the most memorable character designs. That's one of the reason why she's so appealing to me. Not to mention that she's actually evil! Muahahaha

Awwww. I'm not even interested in the series, but that's still a ridiculously cute figure.

*nods* there's no denying that. While she's all fancy and cute, Panty was kinda a disappointment.

so damn cute, but I would have to get both myself as I love them together.

Yes, I would understand that. Threesome is awesome :P

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