10 December 2010

LOL worthy episode 8 of Kuragehime

Kuranosuke and Tsukimi found tons of antics in the store room. So they are selling it at the flea market. Heh, so at least now they have a starting point with the fund to buy the apartment. Tsukimi even found a new business: making Clara weather charm since it sells like a hot fritters. The nunz were still awkward with their surroundings but they are a bunch of money driven otakus so Kuranosuke used that to force them into labor. They will now venture into online business as well.

Meanwhile, Tsukimi is head over heels with the frilly dress that Kuranosuke found at the flea market. We have seen her obsessing with the frilly looking jellyfish since the beginning so it wasn't such a big surprised when she tries out looking like a bride. Just then Kuranosuke walked into her room and she was pretty much suicidal after that. LOL

The truth is, she wasn't the only one who is head over heels in love. Kuranosuke too though he is still pretty much in denial.

I only feel that way when someone broke it though

He was so absorbed with his feelings that he doesn't realized when Maya tried to rub the Vicks onto his chest. Obviously they found out about the fake boobs. Thank goodness the nunz are dumb as fuck. They thought that he was a DFC.


And thus the day was saved.

Kuranosuke even proposed to Tsukimi, asking her to make the jellyfish dress that she has always dream of. I guess looking at Tsukimi reminded him a lot of his mother as well. They do share similar kinda story.

On the other dimension, Kuranosuke's dad found out about the whore after he bribed Hanamori. I seriously like that dude. He was seemingly nonchalant and righteous but when it comes to the benz, he's on top of everything. I think he will not even hesitate to sell his son if someone offered him a benz. I couldn't help but LOL'd.

Anyway, the whore started the blackmailing game. Little did she and Shu knew that Hanamori has sent Sugi to investigate what's going on on Shu's dad order.

But Hanamori made a mistake of calling Shu instead of Sugi when he tries to find out what was going. OMG I laughed again. Awesome as always.


ahh im falling behind on my Kuragehime, but its nice to watch new episodes back to back lol

i laughed so hard at Tsukimi's mental image of herself as a bride! she doesnt realize how pretty she is XD it looks like the nunz is not the only ones that have no pride, Hanamori will do anything when it comes to benz haha good stuff.

okay so now the nunz have seen Kuranosuke without wig and his bare chest, whats next.

the nunz are dumb. They don't realized that he has dick yet. Jeebus. Didn't they see the adam's apple at least?


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