11 November 2010

Bleach: Chapter 426

All those stupid morons who were looking for Ichigo in the last chapter got what they asked for and more since Ishida lent his helping hands. The brawl became pretty much a one sided fight with Ichigo/Ishida winning ever so easily.

But of course Ichigo and Ishida can never see eye to eye. They argued throughout the brawl and it was revealed that Ishida is now the president of the student council. Heh, it fit him perfectly. Apparently Ishida has been getting notifications about hollows from Urahara too. Who would have thought. Ah this reminds me of when these two first fight each other in the earlier chapter of Bleach. Good stuff indeed.

Their bantering can never get old =3

In the middle of the brawl, a chic appeared looking all cool and shit and at first I have no fucking clue who she is. The thought that it was their teacher kinda cross my mind but can it be? I don't think so. She revealed herself as Ichigo's boss, the one he called in last chapter. She abducted Ichigo. Btw, she runs something that resembles Gintoki's business. I thought Urahara is the only in Bleach who is allowed to have shady business? Heh

I know Ichigo can work somewhere else so it kinda bothers me a bit that he chose this shop because the work definitely does not fit Ichigo. Taking care of rabbits? Bring the dog for a walk? What the hell?

And that lady leads a double life. She's also a mom. Whenever she's in front of her son, she transformed. It has something to do with "lead by example" I guess. She's already annoying me with her antics and if she turns out to be a pedo-bear I'm gonna shred her.

That guy, the representative shinigami from several chapters ago, just happened to be their customer for the day. What a coincidence huh? NOT.

And thus, the plot thickens. Dum Dum Dum...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I got a totally different impression from this chapter. The idea of Ichigo working at a jack-of-all-trades type store fits. I suspect the reason he is ditching work so much is because he doesn't want to do all the lame jobs that are coming up.

I like Ikumi. She reminds me a bit of Yoruichi (though she looks more like a brunette Matsumoto). I didn't really like her personality switch in from of her son, bot a lot of people act different in front of their children than they do with everyone else. I didn't like it but, meh, it wasn't that unrealistic, just stupidly pointless.

I like that Ishida is still keeping in contact with Urahara. Since this storyline is taking place in the real world, I hope we get to see more of his crazy geta-wearing ass. I pretty much bored with the Ishida/Ichigo arguing. It was old three arcs ago. Not that I expect them to get along or anything, but can't they do something BESIDES argue like a bickering married couple?

I guess it's okay if he works with Urahara. But I guess we need new characters for the new arc. It was inevitable.

Some of my friends, mostly from facebook, immediately think of me when they saw her. LOL the irony does not escape me. I guess you're right about the parenting behavior thingy but I still am indifferent about her atm.

You're forgetting the BL fangirls. They want to see Ichigo and Ishida bickering like married couple. It's part of their fantasize world >=D

Ikumi reminded me of both Yoruichi and Kukaku, and maybe even a little bit of Tatsuki. I guess formidable female characters are all a bit alike.

I first thought she was that teacher of Ichigo in his first year. Then I thought it could be Matsumoto in disguise but the boobs kinda canceled that.

I dunno about formidable (she's just a big bully imo) but yeah, she's a hybrid of Yourichi/Kukaku. Maybe their secret love child? I know they are both gay XD

I have to wonder why Kubo thinks pushiness + bitchiness = a strong female character.

I'm not too excited about the new boss lady... She seems kind of just cliche among other characters. There are way too many similar personalities in Bleach.

Because Kubo is a masochist, Morri.

And Yi, that's the answer I have been looking for. I keep wondering why I found her to be so boring already. It's not like we haven't seen that kind of character before. Like TJ said, she reminded us of Yourichi/Kukaku.

Kubo needs to be a little bit original, like he did with the espada in the beginning.

At first I thought it was Hiyori...granted with longer legs and dark hair...shut up! She was cut in half! A lot of things can happen in reconstructive surgery! >.<
Sadly, the only familiar faces we're getting are our core group of dudes (minus Chad...poor neglected Latino-Japanese...)
But yes, thickening plot is like thickening soup. Goooooood. ^0^

LOL you're hopeless, Chester.

In what way am I considered "Hopeless" mademoiselle?

Your love for Hiyori lives!!!

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