03 November 2010

Bleach: Chapter 425

When mangastream said in twitter that Bleach is W.I.P last night, I know I'm gonna have the latest chapter for breakfast and I am glad that they are quick with the chapter this week. Reading Bleach right before I went to the OR was awesome. It calmed my fucking nerves and the surgery went smoothly.

I kinda missed the characters new appearance last week. This week you get to see that these kids have really matured. Tatsuki has longer hair, I spotted Mizuiro, Keigo and Ishida with new and improved hair do. Somehow it does makes them have that matured quality about them. Well, not so much on Keigo but you get my drift. It makes me feels like these characters have developed.

The chapter starts with Ichigo dreaming of Rukia waking him up. He missed her (this may or may not be taken out of context by me LOL).

Overall this chapter is just pretty much showing how the ryoka getting on with their lives. After one and a half year, they just live like any other normal teenagers are. Ichigo for example has done something that is kinda out of character for him: he is charging money to the club that wants his strength/talent. Keigo said he does that to save up money for after highschool since he wants to move out of his house. Ichigo also has a job now so yeah, normal as he can be.

He still gets into trouble a lot and from the way it looks, he kinda love it too. At the end of the chapter, a gang of delinquents came looking for him but Ishida kinda interfered and thus it will be continued next week.

No, you did not but you're not that bad looking either. RAWR!

The title of the chapter: A Day Without Melodies feels appropriate because even though I see Ichigo living his life, I know he feels empty. Kinda unfulfilled. He just continue to live his life because everyone expects him too, now that he's powerless and shit.

Nothing else is going on in this chapter to be honest. Oh yeah, I'm sorry for the IchiHime fans. You see, if nothing happened between them after one and a half year, then nothing will ever happen between them. You would think that since Rukia is supposedly out of the picture, Ichigo will make his move or something like that, IF he has a feeling for her, right? Well, too bad. He doesn't. I told you so XD

Ah that feels good. See why reading Bleach before the surgery calmed me down? ^__^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Agreed that IchiHime seems less likely now that the two aren't an item after 17 months sans Rukia. Or maybe Ichigo is just too concerned about saving money to think about wooing girls.

He's 17. A teenage with raging hormones. Between pussy and money, I bet he'll choose the pussy. But since he's our model hero, he'll choose love and we all know he loves who :P


Hahaha, I missed funny Orihime. Not like her value as a character has gone up in my eyes, but I prefer her as a funny character as opposed to the constant Kurosaki-kun spammer.
Ishida is now all badass Y/N?
How was the operation anyway? No more lumps in your lady lumps?

Yeah Oballer, there's nothing worth it to write about in this chapter actually.

The klutzy Inoue I can deal with. Just saying and yes Ishida is badass now. He has been dealing with the hollow alone for the past year and a half. I figured he must have horned his skills.

The operation when well. The lump on the left has been removed. The one on the right will be removed later on.

I'm super confused by this chapter, but it looks like the gang is going to get together again!
That's nice. ^ ^

Hope your surgery went well!

It did, Yi. Now I have a cool scar on my left breast XD

"It's not fun unless you can get a scar out of it"

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