06 October 2010

First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

The show started with a sister waking up her brother for school. I have seen this kind of scene numerous times before. Usually it's either the brother waking up with a morning wood and get released with the help of his sister, or the sister initiated the morning wood. Thank goodness that this didn't turn out quite like that.

Kousuke Kousaka, the brother in question, was actually very doubtful of his sister's attention because usually his sister just kinda pretends that he does not exist. Oh wait, that is just him dreaming. Obviously this guy has a sister-complex thus the title of the show.

He found a DVD with a really innocent cover but very devious content. I'm sure it's an eroge of incest. Just a nudge that he needed >> Only a pervert with sick mind like him would feel guilty when found something like that. Other brothers would just leave it at the place where he found them, after they watched and fapped to it quietly.

But I guess I have to remember that the hero is usually have that admirable trait about him. So he found the culprit and was very cool about it. Heh, just a tactic to enslave his little sister I tell ya!

And it works! It really did! His sister has a 180 changed of attitude. She even woke him in the middle of the night and asked him to go to her room. Lucky bastard.

*chuckles* if only that was true. Unfortunately all she wants is a life counseling as she showed him how much of an otaku she really is. To be precise, she is obsessed with anything that has "little sister" in it. Damn, now I feel sorry for Kyousuke. Obviously he doesn't stand a chance. Kirono is gay. But he's not going to give up as he promised to keep her secret. Hoping one day she'll realized how big a sacrifice that is and called him Nii-chan in bed.

Hahaha fuck, I am such a perverted psycho.

I guess it does feel pretty cool when I start listening to Kirino excitedly and proudly explaining the anime stuffs and presented her collections to Kyousuke. That's how I am too when I talk about anime. I believe many of us found this scene relate-able. I kinda hope they used real anime shows and manga as reference, like Bakuman did. That would make this show more cool. But, did I see a figure from Lucky.Star?

I understand the frustrated feeling in your guts, Kirino

So I can't really not like Kirino. She reminds me of myself except that I don't have a little-sister complex. My obsession is just yaoi. As for Kyousuke, I can't really take him seriously so far. He just lack that commanding attitude about him. But he is kinda charming.

The art and animation for this show is commendable. They gave a 100% and this can be seen with the smallest details. For example when Kyousuke pour drink from a box. It makes me happy to see the details of the drink filling up the glass. Having said that, I do have a slight irritation with how the female characters all walking with a constant blush. It feels like they are always in a heat or something. Also the animation kinda a little sharp at times too. Aniplex and AIC Build must have tried their hard knowing that the fans of the novel will murder them if they don't. I mean, there are plenty of Kirino figures out there even before the anime exists, just goes to show how big of a fanbase it has.

I have said in my review for Zettai Karen Children OVA that I would remember Yuuichi Nakamura. I am so happy with myself that I fulfilled that part. When Kyousuke open his mouth I jumped with glee. Yuuichi is definitely turning out to be my top three male seiyuus. As for Kirono... Fuck, I really need to pay attention to the female seiyuu as well. According to MAL, Kirono is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu. Now that I have looked at her disco, she does sounds familiar. Speaking of sounds, I didn't remember if this show has an OP/ED. If they have, I certainly don't remember them. Yay for being redundant!

I don't read the novel so I don't know what is going on. However it was interesting that they covered the otaku part. I mean, I'm very open about liking anime and such. My family knows about it. My friends too. They may think I am weird but they don't say it to my face and even if they do, I don't give a damn. Their opinion does not define who I am. So to see a Japanese family member being so reserved about it... now, that is weird. Is the community outside of Japan more open to otaku-ness than in Japan itself?

Overall, I do enjoy this show. It's either because of Yuuichi or the fact that this show is about a girl that I can relate too. Probably both. I am definitely more than willing for round 2.

art & animation 8/10
story 7/10
character 7/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7.5/10


hahahaha, so agreed with the 2D and 3D. Especially after watching the Iron Man anime...the trailer and the OP lied to us...the Iron Man armors are all 3D!! >0<

oh man, I still need to see Iron Man, among many other anime this season. Being busy sucks ><

You've gotten me very interested in this. I think I might change up my fall list and pick this up instead.

which anime are in your initial list, Yi?

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