13 October 2010

First Impression: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

I just completed season one like a week ago. I purposely delayed the completion because I kinda lost the feelings of awesomeness halfway through it. But since it was still fresh, I am motivated for season two of Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge.

The story picked up from where it left of. Basically they are still the same people with the same antics. Heh, I'm so glad that my mind is still fresh from last season's episodes. And I'm so glad they are still the same fucked up people under the bridge.

Kou asked Nino to move in with him, hoping that they'll be closer together. What he doesn't expect however that he got kicked out from his own home as Nino moved in. Basically they traded houses. In second half of the episode, Kou met the Amazoness who reminds me a lot of the President of in the Detroit Metal City. FUCKING CUNT! *chuckles* Ah DMC brings a lot of good memories...

The episode ends with the same dream Nino had at the beginning but this time around, she managed to see her as a child, with her parent, on a rocket blasting off to the sky. Yeah, extravagant as always.

Err, personally I think the OP takes a while for it to get going but then it quickly grows on me. As for the ED... What ED?

So yeah, I enjoyed it very much. It feels like watching the first episode of season one. Good feelings all around. This time looks like they are setting up a plot at the beginning on the season so it wouldn't feel forced like in the first season. More reason to follow this show, then.

art & animation 9/10
story 8/10
character 10/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 9/10


I hope the reason we didn't get an ED was so SHAFT can do an awesome job with the animation.

Yeah, hope so. I have high hopes for the OP and ED of this show

I agree the OP grows on you (like the first one did for me too, though I found that quicker to fall in love with), the artwork is certainly gorgeous. Guess we've all heard the new ED by now, which isn't bad either - Hoshi looks damn scary in it, though!

LOL everyone keep saying that. I agree that he kind look creepy but that's the whole reason I'm liking the ED. I'm weird like that? Stop judging me!

The OP song didn't match my taste. Its sound awful in my ear.

The OP song puts you in a lazy mode

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