14 October 2010

Bleach: Episode 292

Whoaa another new OP for Bleach. Gotta love the quality of the animation in the video. If only we got the same quality every week. The song itself is already my favorite, just like any other Bleach's songs. The video btw is pretty telling with spoilers of what to come.

I wish they would just hurry the fuck up with the flashback. They are wasting my freaking precious time showing the death of Tousen all over again. Fuck that. I thought I have seen the last of him.

I feel bad for Ichigo. His entrance to the fake!Karakura Town should have been grander. Unfortunately the quality of the anime was abysmal. At one frame, Ichigo doesn't even looks like Ichigo. Even his attacks were weaksauce. I mean, he doesn't even has his vaizard mask on and he expected to wound Aizen? That's over-confident for you.

I don't remember Aizen said anything that protects the back of his neck though.

But meh whatever. He's invincible anyway. To be honest, it hurts my ego watching the fight between Ichigo and Aizen. It is too unbalance, it starting to look like a joke. Aizen continue mocking him about it and like a naive ryoka boy that he is, he fell for it.

The yaoi moment that got all the fangirls squealing. Too bad it was short lived in the anime. I remember the effect from reading the manga was totally on different level

Why? Because he's so freaking worried about Aizen's zanpaktou thus he was afraid to get closer to him.

If it wasn't for Komamura and the others, Ichigo would have given up, that's how cunning Aizen is with his words. But yeah, looks like every other standing captains and vaizards have bow to protect Ichigo so he wouldn't see Aizen's shikai. That, my friend, is the stupidest strategy I have ever heard.

I laughed listening to the silly captains and vaizards. In their condition, they still boasting about shitty stuffs. I wasn't convinced at all. Out all of them though, I think only Soi Fon's words are less conceited.

This episode is full of jokes. For example when Aizen used his Hinamori trump card at Toushiro. The outcome was so obvious, wasn't it?

Oh, we have a new ED as well? And what is this? Grimmjow? Ulquiorra? They are alive!!! Other than that fact, the video is pretty stupid though the song is not >>

For better explanation about the episode, check out chapter 388.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


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