07 October 2010

Bleach: Episode 291

Shinji has called out his shikai. It took a really interesting shape. Sakanade has the inverted power that screwed up with enemy's sense of direction but since Aizen is so calm about it, it kinda diminished the bad ass factor. Even more so when Shinji so nicely explained his power to Aizen.

He's a fucking Aizen, Shinji! If you tell about it, he'll figure it out in matter of seconds! *facepalm*

Furthermore, you should stop being so arrogant about it. It will just make the losing the fight even more hurtful and embarrassing.

Oh well, at least he managed to wound Aizen who seems untouchable before.

My question is why Shinji didn't use his bankai straight away? That is just dumb. But whatever, Kubo is stupid.

Tousen craved to see. Since he get that ability with his fugly transformation, he's becoming more cocky about it. Komamura keeps telling him that with his sight he has become more blind hypothetically speaking. At least Komamura didn't cease with his attack and they are both at it non-stop until the fly was fallen. Unfortunately, Komamura thinks highly of himself. He should have just killed the fly and get it over with but instead he spoke about matter of the heart and let the ugly fucker lived.

Did he forget that Tousen has the ability to regenerate now? *double facepalm*

I kinda understand Komamura a little better now. Despite his look, he really is a gentle being who thinks of others before himself. He sprout the same nonsense like any other good guys will but I guess that is part of his animal charm.

In a battle field, that gentleness would mark the end of you and that was how Komamura lost the fight. If it wasn't for Hisagi, he would have been fried with Tousen's cero. For once I thought Kazeshini is pretty cool.

The end of this episode is made of shit though. I preferred Tousen to die as the fucking ugly being that he truly is but unfortunately Kubo made him repent and died as a good guy. That is just so fucked up and gay as fuck. Urgh.

Oh wait, that's not really the end. The end is where Ichigo comes ripping through the time dimension. Perfect timing >>

The omake was so true it hurts XD

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