11 September 2010

Bleach: Chapter 419

The reason I'm late with this review is because I'm on EID holiday and purposely avoid internet time to spend quality time with my family for once. Unfortunately, not knowing what happened in Bleach this weak made me restless so here I am, sneaking for internet access so I can read Bleach latest chapter.

I seriously am sorry for what Aizen has become. He who was so composed throughout the entire Bleach chapters for more than 10 years has suddenly turned out so pathetic.

In his rage, Aizen developed a third eye and before I knew it he has turned into a complete hollow. The transformation this early in the fighting stage is once again proved how pathetic he has become especially since Ichigo has not even got serious yet. The mask of his hollow, nonetheless, looks bad ass. It reminds me of Ironman for some reason. Go figure...

So with his hollowfied version, he started to attack Ichigo. The skulls on his "wings" aren't for decoration only. They can fire cero which seemingly can obliterates anything on its path. Anything except Ichigo, that is >_> (who still looks so mighty hot with his singed robe an all *drools*)

Aizen took the opportunity to finish Ichigo with all the skulls combining their cero at him. As usual, Aizen still have the time to give his speech. Needless to say, I did a headdesk.

Ichigo coolly interrupted him. I agree with Ichigo. His logic speech is getting on my nerves.

So in the next chapter Ichigo will finally reveal his final!Getsuga Tenshou. I really do hope that it can do the job of finishing Aizen once and far all. This fight, who most of us look forward to the most for these past 8 years or so has turned out too fucking lame thanks to Kubo. He has no freaking clue as to direction of this arc. *sighs*

The most cunning and genius villain to date will eventually die a pathetic death thanks to his own creator. It's sad T_T

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I'm a little disappointed by the script in this chapter and the last. Kubo built Aizen up to be this cool, intelligent villain, but in just 2 chapters, he was reduced to any common brute with all the cocky trash talk... etc. I was hoping Kubo would've given him a little more subtlety rather than just making him yet another average bad guy.

His hollow skull form looks really cool though.

so is Bleach coming to an end?

Hmmm I hope we see Ichigo's Gestuga Tensho! And I agree Aizen suddenly went down hill, turning into a regular character, I'm a little upset by that but Tite Kubo is still awesome!

Yi, it just went from bad to worst in just a couple of chapters. As a bleachtard, I feel cheated :(

Anon1, *knocks on wood*

Anon2, We would definitely going to see the final!GT. All this shit that Kubo make up is for that moment apparently. And no, Kubo is not awesome anymore. He once was, back in SS arc. After that, he pretty much rolled in shit.

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