08 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 411

Holy mother fucking of - *faps*

Ichigo has a nice little talk with Hichigo and Zangetsu. It proved my theory. The reason why Ichigo turned to full bloodied hollow wasn't because the bitch calling out to her. It was because his hollow has taken control of his body and I doubt Hichigo has any desire to protect anyone except of himself.

Ichigo was quite confused with the new get up of Hichigo. Obviously since he was practically dead at the top of the dome, wasn't he? How could he possibly know about it.

In other words, it was not Ichigo who defeated Ulquiorra. It was Hichigo. Ichigo is not happy about it and thought that all he has to do is defeat Hichigo. Well, think again and even I was caught off guard. I thought the reason Tensa pulled out Hichigo was so that Ichigo can eliminate him. Apparently that wasn't the case at all.

Hichigo and Tensa are one and the same. WUT?! Since when did these two get along so well?

His half helmet reminds me of Ulquirra. So now Tensa!Hichigo is blond? They sure look less emo >_>

At Real!Karakura Town, Tatsuki was being self-conscious of how useless it is to fight this monstrosity and basically admit defeat when KABOOM!

OMFGBBQWTF I was right wasn't I (those with facebook will know what I am talking about)? It was none other than Don Kanonji. What the fucking fuck? *facepalm*

But lets look at the bright side. At least he will be dead for sure now.

My reaction exactly

I am not going to said anything stupid like how the hell can he withstand Aizen's reiatsu and such because I could not, for the love of God, compute this as logical at all. This seems like it was meant to be in a filler episode or something. Fuck.

And then out of fucking nowhere there's Matsumoto? What the fuck is going on here? If she's here, doesn't that mean she has to go through the tunnel where Ichigo is training now? Argh, this is frustrating. Why must she comes and ruin the fucking show? Does she really think she can stop Aizen and Gin? She can barely make it alive with the beast from Harribel's arrancar for fuck's sake.

This could only mean that the end of Gin is near. I am not a happy fan at the moment. Not at all.

All I'm saying is if Matsumoto is here, Kira might as well be around somewhere too.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


"And then out of fucking nowhere there's Matsumoto? What the fuck is going on here?"

She's the daily dose of fanservice. You know it!

must.... kill... don kononji... now

fanservice? seems like that is all the big tits are useful for. I would like to see her getting gang raped by Gin and Aizen. Too bad the fly Tousen was no more otherwise he would love to have a piece of that meat as well.

Don Kanonfuckyourskullandgetahintji needs to disappear. How the fuck did Kubo comes up with such canon character anyway? btw Oballer, where have you been, Sir?

hmm it seems there is a lack of memory here again!!!

hollow ichigo and zangetsu HAVE ALWAYS BEEN 1 and the same! please stop forgetting this.

also, with a town like kurakara that has the power to make a key to vist the shogun,,,, i mean king,,, i expect the shinigami to have a certain eye over it. just like a ichigo's dad was able to play dumb so long, and hat&clog's can run a candy store. why can't don be a caption from the past? notice how hat&clog's sword changes to something else to disguise itself and how the capt. commander does the same? why hasn't don ever died with all hollow's he does attact them don't cha know? chapter 411 page 19 show's his cane doing some sort of blast. hat&clog's battle with esparta #10 or 0 he did something sorta of the same. my bet's is on he could be capt. his blast made azin say hoh and then a few slides later it shows gin. on page 20 it did look kinda big and black. then again who knows?

Forgive me Mitch. I'm not good with details. Thanks for the YouTube XD

Don Kanonji as shinigami? That is one screwed up fact if it is true >_<

This chapter was meh, aside from Ichigo realizing that he can't actually do anything. Also, I hope Don dies.

We all are wishing the same thing, Rob.

@klux: I have been working and being outside mostly. The weather is wayyy too nice for me to be watching anime or making posts, so i prolly spend about 10 minutes online every day. Enough for me to read a chapter and make a comment.

Klux, HOW BOUT don kanonji is the guy that was banished with urahara :) ? the kido master whatever his name was. YA KNOW.

Anon, that dude's name is Tessai. He's huge and beefy. Not lanky and eccentric. >_<
Originality has hit an all time low with the fusion of young!Zangetsu and freaking Longhorn Hichigo. Kubo's old standby I suppose...when in doubt, just draw new characters...despite us already knowing these two-in-one...

When Don showed up, I gave quitting Bleach a thought. Seriously though, wtf.

Let’s see, Bankai!Ichigo ≤ Base!Ulquiorra < H1!Ichigo < R1!Ulquiorra << R2!Ulquiorra < (½ reiatsu) H2!Ichigo (Hichigo) …
Now, how is Bankai!Ichigo supposed to last more than 10 seconds against Tensa!Hichigo (full-power?)…? Good luck, Ichi.

LOL Don Kanonji. That entire part seemed like an omake. It’s baffling how Don, a mere human, can not only retain existence in the presence of, but actually run up and attempt to ATTACK AIZEN at the level he is now, when, many chapters ago at the start of the Hueco Mundo Arc, BaseImperfect!Aizen paralyzed and brought Grimmjow, the Sexta Espada to his KNEES, purely by the sheer weight of his reiatsu. Don Kanonji has more stamina than Base!Grimmjow… ? NONONO, something is WRONG with this picture.

About Rangiku Matsumoto appearing: If she was coming from Fake!Karakura, then she would indeed have to have passed through where Ichi and Isshin were chillin’, unless she got a hollow/arrancar to open a garganta into Soul Society (not sure if actually possible). She may or may not be able to turn Gin good. If she does turn Gin, then he will just get undoubtedly killed by Aizen, which would be a really cheap way to end his character. Eh…

Mr. Anonymous, like Chester said, it wouldn't be possible. Tessai can never be Don Kanonji. That is just too fucked up for make believe.

Yi, don't give up yet! Don't leave me!!!

and Darwin, nice power chart there. But if it was easy, then it wouldn't be called the "Final!Getsuga Tensou". I've said in my post that the appearance of Kanoji is just a cheap shot for comedy and it has the filler feel to it instead of a canon chapter. I'm still pissed at the inconsistency of these people/shinigamy. Let's forget about Don, I doubt that Tatsuki could last that long in front of Loreal!Aizen. It is just like you said. If Grimmjow couldn't stand up in front of the old Aizen, what makes these earthlings can? Fucked up.

Are you guys aware of the theory that Matsumoto might be in cahoot with Aizen and Gin all along?

Hichigo and Zangetsu were one and the same? Well, kudos to anybody who could remember that bit of lore, but Kubo did bench Zangetsu for a good few hundred chapters or something... Anybody forgetting something like that doesn't come as too great a surprise :/

Seriously, fsk this Don-w/e guy. Filler pages in the manga as well? There's a reason I stopped watching the anime... And I mean, each chapter is already only so long D:

chill out. Think positive. This could mean that he's gonna be dead soon =3

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