11 January 2010

First Impression: Ookamikakushi

Heh the opening scene show Isuzu attempting to rape Hiroshi, claiming that it was love at first sight. The pervert in me chuckled because they both look like they are in middle school or maybe that was probably me in denial.

Then they were being chased by CardCaptor Sakura with a scythe. She is the Hidden God or Ookamikakushi. I remember saying that this could turn out to be quite interesting after I saw it in the Chartfag's chart. Let see if I am right.

Hiroshi, his dad and his disabled sister moved to Jouga where he met Isuzu who immediately groped him at their first meeting. Being a healthy young boy, he was of course turned on by her show of affection. I found her rather annoying.

But of course, what is a story without some love triangle, right? Right. So we have the whole class, including the teacher, who wants to be in Hiroshi pantsu and said it was kinship in pretense. All except one: Nemuru Kushinada. You can probably guess who she is.

In case you couldn't tell, the one getting grope there is Hiroshi

Halfway of the episode, I can guess why Hiroshi is extremely popular all of a sudden. It wasn't so hard to decipher since he looked like a sacrificial lamb. It must be the air in the town. Even the moon looks eerie and ominous.

Kinda looks like the moon from 11eyes. ne?

Since Nemuru/Ookamikakushi has identified her victims (those who want to rape Hiroshi) at the school, she gets down to work at night. Once the victim has been taken care of, his/her existence would be erased from the face of the earth. Heh, not really. They just made up stories like he/she moved to other town etc.

There she is, the Ookamikakushi ^w^

It wasn't bad I guess. I might watch another couple of episodes before I decide whether or not I will commit to this.

The art aren't splendid but I like the blurred effect. The OP and ED are forgettable. The characters were so so. Besides the Ookamukakushi, I don't give a damn about the others. As for the story, it certainly is promising. Interesting indeed.

art 6/10
story 7/10
sound 6/10
character 6/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6/10


This show pissed me off too. Exactly, so-so supporting cast, pussy main character, the mention of the word 'tenkousei'. And they even used 3D in the first episode. Unforgiveable, RAWR.

and it kind of a rip-off of Higurashi >_>

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