16 October 2009

Bleach: Chapter 378

Hehehehe, I was looking forward for this week manga simply because I know we are going back to Hueco Mundo, which mean we got to see Rukia. I squeal with glee when I saw both Renji and Sado were down, but not her. Granted she was about to be crushed by Yammy any second but she did not seek help from the unconscious. Muahahahahaha! >3

Oh fuck. I just knew Ichigo would show up when Yammy "slipped". I was holding my breath to see how Kubo would have done it. I'm glad that Kubo does not disappoint me with their second reunion.

dramatic effect FTW!!

I'm so proud of my girl. Despite her situation, she still worries for Inoue. Just by hearing Ichigo's reply to her question, Rukia immediately knows that something is wrong or have changed with Ichigo. After all Ichigo has never killed an opponent before. Ulquirra was his first (fuck you Kubo!! *cries*). Such little change but she has no problem detecting it. Heh

Alright, I like the new mask and all and Yammy is about to get toasted but to be honest I was quite disappointed because I (like many others) wish for Unohana to come and beat the crap out of Yammy. Where are the Captains anyway?


I didn't realize the mask changed, but I also completely forgot about Yammy. Anyway, story finally shifts back to Ichigo. Maybe this will all end soon. ^ ^

Looks like it. Yammy is the only remaining espada left. Eh wait. We have Grimmjow too, where ever he is.

Missing Grimmjow =(

and Ulquiorra too =(

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