28 December 2008

how amusing... so I have to apologize.

well, meeting old friend always bring back memories. and oh boy was I not surprised with the things I've heard and learned tonight.

Damn man, if we both were not egoistic bastards, we would have been making babies like now! hahahaha oh wow, I couldn't stop laughing at that thought. Imagining mini you is too hilarious.

First of, dude, 4 years. That was how long we were in that shit and you still did not get how my freakish/selfish mind works? It is a wonder that you stuck with me for that long. I just have to pat your back and congratulated you. Job well done indeed. And forgive me, even if I have known the reason, the outcome would probably remain the same. There is no fucking way I let someone get away after fucking smeared me with that kind of shit. You see babe, I'm just too strong of a person and that in my opinion, why you could not be satisfied.

That and because I'm too independent and incapable of jealousy.

Fuck that noise.

If you didn't get it the first time around, meh... you won't ever get it.

But for real, forgive me for the heartache. I didn't know I was that fucking heartless. *chuckles*


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