05 April 2008

Malaysian footballers

The reason and inspiration for this entry is because of Ntale. So here goes my ranting on our national footballers (soccer).

1. They sucks
2. They sucks

They are the scums of the earth, the disgrace of my country and should be shot to the head for even calling themselves footballers as if they deserved the title.

If you think I sound bitter, that's because I am. We (Malaysian) all are!

They are spoil bastards that gets all the richest they can get and screw up on doing the only thing they were paid for: play football.

They have no discipline. They have no knowledge on sport science. They are overweight. They don't do exercises. They always came up with excuses to skip practice. They rejoice when they get injured - because they won't have play then. How fucked up is that?

And when ask why they lack of stamina when they are playing, this excuse were the common one: they are shorter compared to their opponent thus can't run as fast and takes a lot of stamina.

Don't laugh. This is true. Which is sooooooo fucking retarded!

Wright-Phillip is short but I don't see him having problems with his stamina *insert rolleyes icon*

Our national players are known for the wrong things: drug abuser, womanizer, club hopping... you name it, they do it.

At MSN, we do bleep test (a test to measure sportsmen fitness level) and they were mostly below 5! For a normal athletes, 10 is the minimum number. Wayne Rooney is 13 but he's extraordinary. Imagine that... Below 5 for supposedly national footballer! How fucking pussy are they?

They are spoil by the administration (FAM) who have no clue of how to manage a football team and are so full of themselves, they refuses to take any valuable advices.

For example, Allan Harris (former Chelsea player) was the coach for the team from 2000-2004. After four years, he left the club feeling disgusted with the attitude and the lack of commitment that he received from the footballers. He was succeeded by Bertalan Bicskei who after one year terminated his contract because he was disgusted by the FAM ways of doing things. But no... the FAM still blame the coach for the stinking results (we were once beaten by Thailand 11-0 ><). They tried to lure in Guus Hiddink but Hiddink is not stupid and rejected the offer saying that they are no hope left for the Malaysian National Team unless both willing to changed their mentalities. How embarrassing was that?

There was a time when Malaysian football team is the pride of our nation though. A time where the "Tiger" was a force to be reckon with. A time where Malaysia and South Korea were the two main rivals in East Asia. These was when I was around 9-10 years old.

Now, I am embarrassed to associates "Tiger" with the Malaysian Football Team.

Seriously if I have a gun and killing isn't a crime, they are the first of the few people that I will shot and having no qualms about it. Bush comes in second.

So there ya go. Now you know that our footballers sucks big time.

The end.

p/s: I don't have problem with our local player who play pretty good for our national cup. I just have problems with our national players


yeah they suck big time...
my brother who played soccer representing school/ state once said he would like to be a soccer player
but then my dad said "you wont go far here. go take a degree"
it's true >.<

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