05 May 2007

Spiderman 3

I went to watch this movie on Thursday (thank you Fik for taken a day off to accompany me). The original plan was to catch the movie on it's release date (Labor day). I even cut short my trip to KL (sorry Leah) just so that I won't miss it. Alas, the tickets were already booked but someone was too busy to picked up the phone (arghh!!). So melepas la nak tengok malam tu. Rasa macam nak menangis pun ada...

Except for the villain, I can't say there are any significant differences between this film and the last two. I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad one.

The film begins with Peter Parker letting the popularity of Spiderman in to his head which inevitably brings trouble. He also let the hatred and revenged he felt for Flint (Sandman) consumes him. Thus he became the easy target for Venom. Once he wears the Spiderman/Venom suits, he becomes spiteful and to be honest I kind of like Parker as a bad boy. Obviously MJ does not so all these events put a strained on their relationship. The fact that Spiderman kissed Gwenn during the Key-to-the-city ceremony does not help at all. Parker also need to face his best friend alter ego, the New Goblin. Thank god though earlier in the movie, Harry knocked his head out while he was trying to kill Spiderman and lost his long-term memory. His memory only came back halfway through the movie and once again pursued his vengeance for his father's death. At least Spiderman got a breather...

I have problem with two things in Spiderman 3

a) As usual MJ is still the damsel in distress. Harry used her to get back to Parker, and so does Venom and Sandman. Typical. I do not like these parts at all but what to do, she is the heroin of the film...

b) I also do not like Venom character played by Topher Grace. I don't think he is convincing enough as a Venom.

My favorite character obviously is Tobey (with his bad boy look) and my favorite scene would be the one where Parker becomes a bad boy, walking down the street with all these outrageous moves that he thought turns woman on but on the contrary makes him looks really nerdy. Then he went into a suit shop and walk out wearing an all black suit. Fuh, memang tak boleh handle. The other scene that I think touches me the most is when Spiderman/Venom felt dejected on top of the church roof while the rain pours down (see poster pic).

Both Fik and I enjoy the movie very much. It is not as heavy and dark as everyone thought it would be. There are a lot of funny scene to balance the output of the movie. You know how Parker can be goofy sometime, right?

Some of the memorable quotes in the movie:

Eddie Brock: It's Brock sir, Edward Brock Jr. I'm here humbled and humiliated to ask you for one thing... I want you to kill Peter Parker

[Harry, chasing Peter, throws one of his many devices at him. As it explodes and becomes Razor Bats,]
Peter Parker: Hate those things!

Dr. Curt Connors: It enhances aggression...
[the symbiote slithers towards Peter, but it's quickly trapped under a glass]
Dr. Curt Connors: It seems to like you.

p/s: For those who loves Harry Osbourne, do not forget to bring something to fdry your eyes with.


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