19 April 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tmnt Although I am a big fan of TMNT as a kid, over the years I thought I had outgrown them. But when I found out that they were going to release the latest movie of these 4 mutant turtles, I was actually looking forward to it specially after I saw the trailer.

It is a 3-D movie and some of the people that I asked to accompany me for the movie were reluctant to see it because they were worried that it is not up to their expectation.

However it does not disappoint me and I enjoyed myself very much.

It is darker than the usual TV TMNT show that we all grow up to love but it does not lost its originality. It is a fun, action pack, comedy filled thrill ride movie from the beginning to the end and I would not want it any other way.

Shredder is gone. The 4 ninjas faced new enemies which are pretty much ancient but immortal unless they managed to send them back to the vortex where they were curse to be immortal. But before they can terminated the bad guys, Raphael and Leornado need to clear the tension between them first otherwise they can't unite as a team and would only bring failure to their mission. By the way, Casey and April is still around too. So does Karai from the Foot Clan.

My favorite turtle is still Michealangelo (Cawabanga dude!!) and he's one of the reason I laugh so much during the movie. I still did not like Leornado too much (he's my least favorite turtle of the four) but I felt the voice actor added an extra layer to him I didn't expect to find. However I did not really bought Master Splinter's character probably because I think the voice actor did not fully connect to the character.

My favorite scene would be the time when Leonardo confront the Night Watcher/Raphael on the roof and it was raining. This is where I think the animation did a really good job. Praise to them.

Some of the quotes from the movies:

Michelangelo: [Winters crashes onto the floor in front of the turtles] That's Winters? Looks more like 'Fall.' Get it?

Raphael: You're still here? Go back to your jungle.
Leonardo : At least his personality is still intact.

Casey Jones : [after seeing one of the monsters] You do realize that all I've got is a wooden baseball bat, right?

Michelangelo: I have nightmares about birthday parties.

Michelangelo: What do you think it is?
Donatello: An interdimensional portal to a distant world, I would assume.
Michelangelo: Ooooh! I want one!


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