16 September 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 2, September 2013

Sunday, September 15

Free! episode 10: I get to see Rin as a kid, having fun with them three boys. So that's good. Other than that it was another boring episode of Rei trying to figure out what the hell happened and feel left out with all the talks about Rin. At the end, he went to Rin school to talk to him personally. Can't wait to see what they are going to talk about, with Rei being Rei and Rin being Rin.

badass looking Rin is badass

Episode 6 of Genshiken Nidaime: First of all, I really want to read the Sasa x Mada manga that Ogiue make. Anyway, Suzy adviced Ogiue to show it to Haru so he won't feel alone. It kinda backfired but it;s all good. Then some dude from leadership club tried to make a move on Hato. Thank goodness Yashitake brought her sister along (who dressed up as a boy) and get Yajima hopeful for a moment. She then brought them to her house with a mission. She wanted to see Hato naked but bad luck because Yajima and her sister end up seeing Hato's hot dog. I am envious. Oh and dafuq is wrong with Kuchiki-san? LOL

Hachiken isn't happy with his test score even though he's on top of the class in episode 4 of Gin no Saji. But that was quickly forgotten when he found a stone oven when he's cleaning the campus. No one has ever taste a pizza so he ended up making pizza for everyone with the help of everyone of course. This episode sure makes me wanna bake some pizza myself. It's a warmth episode for sure.

Love Lab episode 5: They went through with their plan to help out the girl who asked them about what gift should she get her crush. Riko took all the blame but once everyone found out, she was done for. Ended up she studied for her English and soon got good grades for it. Nothing much going on in this episode except that towards the end, they asked Riko how to make boys fall for you.

For some reason I'm watching Korra episode 6. Yes, I redownload that shit because everyone is so hype about season 2. I thought I should try and watch it again so I picked it up where I left it a year  ago. Korra team versus Tahno team in the final and Tahno team won because they cheated. Before that, Aman has threatened to do something nasty if they continue with the tournament. Because they ignored his threat, he then made a grand entrance and easily took away Tahno's bending. Korra and Lin tried to stop him but failed. Ok, it wasn't bad of an episode. I just need to put aside my dislike for Korra in order to enjoy the show, I guess.

Holy shit. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 18: The female Titan is still chasing Eren and for some reason, even though many lives were lost, the mission still continue and Commander Erwin brought them to the Forest of the Giant Trees. They thought they could have the upperhand because of the tall trees but damn it the female titan is merciless, killing them soldiers like they were made of match stick. Armin and I feel like Levi and Commander Erwin have something up their sleeves. They are sacrificing a lot of lives though and I am not happy with that =\


Monday, September 16

I just need to find out what happened next in episode 19 of Shingeki no Kyojin: I didn't expect a flash back though. It seems like in order for Eren to transform into a Kyojin, he needs to self-inflict pain and a clear goal otherwise it won't happen. This flash back came about because Eren wanted to transform when he saw his comrades getting killed one by one by the female Kyojin. But the other comrades on his team were determined to follow Levi's order which is to go forward regardless. Since they have faith in him, Eren chose to have faith in them too. Apparently, Levi and Commander Erwin have a plan. They finally managed to secure the female Kyojin and that was the plan since the beginning. Erwin seems unsympathetic about the amount of lives that are lost. I don't like this guy.

Looks like I'm marathoning Shingeki no Kyojin. On to episode 20! oh shit. They caught the female Kyojin but she's calling in the other Kyojin to eat her up while she ran away. Now she's killing Eren's troop one by one. This is fucked up. Where's Levi?

Well, the troops are all dead except for Levi and Eren in episode 21 of Shingeki no Kyojin. Needless to say, this pissed me off greatly. And it pissed Eren too which made him transform into a Kyojin. I just wished he would fucking kill the female Kyojin without having to talk to himself. He didn't and so the female Kyojin defeated his Kyojin and swallowed him whole. Now she's taking him somewhere. The only soldiers following her are Levi and Mikasa. For their skills, I say that's plenty. Have I said how disappointed I am with this episode? Urgh...

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 22: Mikasa and Levi managed to save Eren and holy fuck Levi is made of pure winsome. I jizzed in my pantsu watching him fight. Anyway, once they retrieved Eren, they went home. They just let the female Kyojin go. Two stupid fucks defied an order and caused some of the bodies to be abandoned including Petra. As they came back, they were heavily critisized because of the number of death and the failed mission. Erwin was called in to the capital and it was decided that Eren will be handed over to them from now on.


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Not fair, dear.
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Im THE biggest tard.
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