29 September 2013

Bleach: Episode 274

Okay I am pissed. Why? Read the note from dattebayo...

Yeah apparently crunchyroll has gained the rights for Bleach as well, just like they did with Naruto and Gintama. This is crap man... I've been with dattebayo since they took over from Lunar years ago. I surely gonna miss them. Thanks dattebayo for your commitment to Bleach all these years. Much appreciated.

If crunchyroll think they'll get me to watch Bleach on their site, they better think again. I rather download the horriblesubs torrent.

But yeah back to the episode. I like this episode because I have been wondering for sometimes what are the espada represents. I know I read it in the manga but I have forgotten the details. This is why I decided to write an episodic for Bleach. At least it will remind me of stuff that I want to remember.

I am going to pretend that there is something wrong with what Yammy represents. Rage is definitely not it. But that is for another discussion.

At the moment, Toushiro looks to have find an equal footing with Hallibel. At least they talked a lot and explained their attacks a whole lot more so that kinda make it seems believable.

awww... what a cute bishouta =3

To tell you the truth, I am actually impressed with Toushiro. He might be a shouta but he still uses his wits. I guess he was a prodigy for a reason. I dunno if his fight with Hallibel was this long in the manga. Is it?


I seriously can't believe how fucking lazy the production team are though. They used the same frame over and over again especially when they wanted to show the fallen fukutaichos. What the fuck man... we aren't dumb. We can fucking tell the shittiness of it all.


The EPIC fight of Ulquiorra only got 3 episodes. This fight better end in the next episode or I will RAGE.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Toushiro and Hallibel remind me of 2 kids fighting. "I can do this!" "So can I!" "I can control your weapon!!" "Well I can control yours too!!"

boring, get it over with. Let me watch Stark, cuz he is awesome.

Lets be honest. The top three espada are kinda pathetic

Kubo should have focused more kickassery into each of the espada instead of just lumping in all the manpower into Aizen. (i.e. Having several espada actually defeat some of the captains, rather than Aizen spending several months soloing what amounts to be the entire Gotei 13, something he was wary of doing when Fake!Karakura Arc started.)

Kubo should have refrained from dropping bridges on all of the espada. That might have eased some of the fandom reaction at Aizen-invincibility.

Aizen = Kubo. He's totally out of whack.

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