19 May 2012

First Impression: Sengoku Collection

Some people told me to skip this show after I complained at how bad Medaka Box was but I made a promise to myself to check all the anime before I pass my final judgment because sometimes, I can make a mistake. After all, I have always been fascinated by the Sengoku era. So... without further delay, let see what this show has in store for me.

that must be the happiest whale alive
(c) Ichi Makoto

Just know though that I was mentally prepared to rage at the slightest shit I saw but 3 minutes in I found myself enjoying the show. This is important because I usually can tell whether or not the rest of the show is going to be shitty by the first 2 minutes (minus the OP that is). After 5 minutes in, I was laughing. That done it for me. A show that can makes me laugh is a good show in my book. That's good enough reason to like it.

Sengoku Collection is about Oda Nobunaga who goes into our world through some dimensional shift or whatever. She met a guy (for the live of me, I can't seem to recall his name) and stayed with him for this first episode but it seems like she's leaving him so she can find other warriors who are apparently got shifted to our world as well. She needs to find them all because three shrine maidens promised her that she could go back to her time if she can find the Secret Treasure that has enough power to do just that. I sensed that these three shrine maidens are bluffing. They must have their own agenda.

Anyway, I found myself not even care about the ecchiness. Part of this is because the Nobunaga character really embodies Nobunaga. She wasn't flaunting her assets on purpose. She is just being who she is, unaware of her surroundings. For example, when she interacted with that guy she was with, the ecchi didn't really take anything away because it wasn't force down our throats but rather it was made in passing, almost casually.

So far, I love the chemistry between Nobunaga and that guy she's with. Their characters have such good balance; which make them incredibly good couple when they are together. I hope there will be some romantic feelings involved between these two. It would be a waste if there is not.

To be honest, I sort of facepalming at the start of the episode when I saw the attire Nobunaga is wearing. That is definitely not from Sengoku era but as the show progress, I find myself not giving a fuck about it because the story was interesting enough to make me forget such trivial matters.

Oh wow, I am singing praises! and I'm not done yet. Besides all that I have mentioned above, another element that keep me interested is the overall art and animation of the show. The colors are vibrant (not Tsuritama's vibrant but vibrant nonetheless), the backgrounds are details and the character designs are interesting. I like how it all just comes together. It kinda like seeing your watercolor pictures get animated. Fun indeed.

I am so glad that I stick to my promise and didn't dismiss this show without giving it a chance. This is a great  example at how I love it when a show proved me wrong. Sengoku Collection is far from being a bad series. Though it is light hearted, it is not pointless. It has a plot. I haven't found anything that displeases me yet so all is good.

art & animation 8/10
story 7/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.6/10


This is completely off topic, but the latest episode of Avatar KICKED FUCKING ASS.


episode 7? OK just 3 more episodes to catch up! That will only take... 2 more weeks LMAO

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