16 May 2012

Bleach: Chapter 492

I actually lol'd pretty hard at the start of the chapter. The shinigami terrified by Allon? LOL When did that happen? Jeebus... consistency now Kubo... consistency... don't lost it yet... It just feels as if Kubo trying to convince us how bad ass Allon is but I'm just not buying it. Not when I know they have lost in the hands of the shinigami in the last arc.

Speaking of shinigami, guess who Kubo decided to introduce this time around? It's the 6th seat officer of the 13th Division. Oh god, I can still feel the excitement whenever Kubo introduce us to a new shinigami. They can still makes my heart skips a bit. I guess that means I still have some hope left for this series...

he looks like Kira's twin brother

Kajoumaru gives Yuki and that another annoying female shinigami a quick lesson as to what's the difference between Quincy and Shinigami. We already knew this but I guess it won't hurt for Kubo to remind us of the reasons, to make it believable why these two races hated each other. I still blame it on the shinigami though for (attempted to) annihilate the Quincy just because they operate differently. I say that they reaped what the sow and by all means, I blame it on the old fuck for failing to kill Buckbeard 200 moons ago.

Who gives a fuck about all that balancing shit stuff anyway?

Oh yes, we should since it threatens the balance of the world >_>

he's so wise too

Back in Hueco Mundo, it seems like Allon has the upper hand though knowing Kubo I know it will be short-lived. Inoue and Chad, the two most useless characters were actually sympathizing with Opie. Such morons that they are.

Anyway, like I predicted, Opie was unbeatable. In the next chapter, those three bitches of Hallibel might be killed for real this time (can we say Amen to that?) and so Opie's real battle with Ichigo will begin. After all, Kubo is just delaying the fight just so Ichigo could see and learn of his opponent's ability. Otherwise it would seems like Kubo might overkill it with Ichigo's next plotkai. 

You can be damn sure that he'll have one >_>

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I think new guy looks like a kira/aizen fusion...and he acts WAY too much like Aizen for my comfort. He's creeping me out.

Allon...if I recall, didn't he keep getting back up untill the old man stepped in? and i suppose he's gotten stronger as his creators have.

In the end, I think you're just supposed to realize that this isn't he big fight yet.

Someone said that he looks like Shinigami Syazel and I gotta agree.

The power level are all fucked up now. If Allon was defeated by the oldfuck, and if Opie managed to defeat Allon, doesn't that mean that Opie is at least at the same level as the oldfuck? If Ichigo managed to defeat Opie (no duh), then he's stronger than the oldfuck for sure?

I vote Ichigo for the next Captain Commander!

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