14 November 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 6

I am a week behind on most of the Fall seasons due to me moving to another state and a short vacation packed in one week as well as the awful internet connection I am having. It takes forever to download one episode. Grrr...

With that said, lets not waste anymore time. On to episode 6 of Fate/Zero and the first minute of the episode, we have Irisviel drifting through the hills and that reminds me of the vacation I took on Tuesday to Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia. To get there, the roads are pretty much the same, which I enjoyed as a driver. Nothing beats drifting through that small roads of Tapah to Tanah Rata. It was an adventure in itself. If only I have that Mercedes Irisviel is driving...

intermission: me at one of the parks at Cameron Highlands

Unfortunately for Irisviel, she can't have her fun for too long because Bluebeard waited for them in the middle of the road. Poor Saber, she can't have fun with Irisviel without someone interrupting them. Even more so that "that someone" is a cuckoo-in-the-head who claimed that he's the one who revived Saber. Bluebeard is obviously mistook her for Joan of Arc and still in denial even when Saber corrected him and told him who she really is. Thank goodness that he didn't challenge Saber for a duel though since her left arm hasn't fully recovered.

she won't stay virgin for long, if Irisviel has anything to do with it

As expected, the Assassins kept track of every Servants' moves and thus Kirei and Tokiomi quickly learned about Bluebeard. So now he has someone on his tails as well. Bluebeard still wasn't happy and blame God for not releasing Jeanne's soul. Heh, he has lost it for real I guess. So now he wanted to challenge God and created a greater blasphemy with more killings of innocent souls of poor children. Ryuunosuke was surprisingly not elated by the news but he was carving a corpse when Bluebeard barged in, that sick motherfucker. Quality > quantity is his motto~

Bluebeard has no qualm in using his magic to slaughter the children and as the protector of magic, Tokiomi can't sit around doing nothing. This is after all has something to do with being human. So Kirei's dad, Risei, agreed to alter the rules a bit and requested all Masters to defeat Caster and his Master as a priority. Those two fuckers didn't care about the Holy Grail after all and are giving this holy war a bad name.

On the other side of town, Kayneth was berated with Lancer for failing to kill Saber. In the middle of him humiliating Lancer, Sola-Ui came to Lancer's defense. Apparently she's the additional Master to Lancer who supplies mana. Somehow Kayneth was able to alter the Master-Servants contract to suit his needs. He is a doormat when it comes to Sola-Ui and it's good to see someone has him by his balls too. He totally deserved the humiliation. If only Lancer won't act so noble and lets Sola-Ui humiliates him further...

They were interrupted by a fire at the lower floor, no doubt caused by arson. It was Emiya and Maiya. But Kayneth was ready. He has set up traps and what not on the entire building in case he gets attack at his home. It would definitely be interesting to see magic against practicality since Emiya and Maiya relied on their men-made weapons.

Emiya fucking blew the building down (he set up the fire so the other occupants of the building got evacuated, so nice of him, no?), expecting that Kayneth, Sola-Ui and Lancer will go down with it as well, despite the magical barriers but boy he did a miscalculation. He didn't expect Kirei to interfere. Thank goodness Maiya trained with the best otherwise she wouldn't last more than 5 seconds with Kirei. I'll be honest, to see Kirei in action got my blood pumping so hard. Somehow I think he's a worthy opponent for Emiya but these two can't meet this soon. We still have 20 episodes to go.

admiring his work from afar

Maiya managed to escape thanks to Emiya and Kirei didn't bother to pursue her. The knowledge that someone else was there to help her out was enough. When he got back to the church, he got a surprise visit from Archer who whined about the lack of good wines at Tokiomi's. He then asked Kirei what he wanted from the Grail of which Kirei responded that he wanted none but the truth was, he was clueless and hopefully with Archer's help he will manage to establish what he desires. Archer suggested joy but Kirei considered that blasphemous and sinful. Huh? So he got schooled by Archer lol. Since Tokiomi was boring and just sit on his ass while Kirei does all the work, Archer thought that he might as well does his own things. He asked Kirei to do some observation to find out what are the other Masters' motivation for the Grail and reports back to Archer.

Archer is a hipster

Interesting development is interesting and for once we are not assaulted by Rider and Waver which in my opinion should stay that way for few more episodes to come. Ah, but I am still wondering if Kayneth, Sola-Ui and Lancer were done for. According to Maiya reports, sounds like they did but... I want to see Lancer finished his fight with Saber so that can't be right, right?

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: Tokiomi enters the war to reach the spiral of the Akashic Records.


Yeah, you're one week behind. ;D

I'll wait for your review of episode 7, then I'll give my two cents about these two episodes, I guess. :)

Oh, btw, that's what I'm watching recently when I'm extremely bored...


i still can't believe how skillful Irisviel is behind the wheel. Somehow I feel challenged by her. Also, I'm planning to watch episode 7 tomorrow. Hopefully the internet will not phailed me *cross fingers*

Your photo is so cute !! And I still need to watch Fate/Zero ;;

You mean, you haven't started with the show yet?

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