07 November 2011

Le Chevalier D'eon

When I first saw this anime on Animax, I was sceptical. I didn't follow it through. The second time they showed it, I thought, why the hell not since there are no other anime worth watching on that channel anyway since I've seen most of it.

Oh boy I was in for a surprised. It turned out to be quite a saga for me.

D'eon De Beaumont
(c) gesshi

The creator, Tow Ubakata took the concept of the real Chevalier D'Eon who was discovered to be a man upon his death and turned it into a fantasy action novel that involved 'poet' and spells. Ubakata managed to retain the facts of the actual person history in the midst of supernatural flick that he created. I was impressed.

The story is about D'Eon de Beaumont who was set out to find the truth behind his sister's death/murder, Lia de Beaumont. The restless soul of her sister used his body as a vessel to seek revenge. He with three other friends become spies for French King, Louis IV. His majesty order is to regain the Royal Psalm and bring it back to Versailles. Along the way, he learned the truth about everything that makes him question his loyalty to the country.

In order to fully understand what is going on, you need to pay attention to the heavy dialogue, especially when it comes to the psalm which wasn't fully explained till the end. It was rather slow-paced in the beginning since it takes a while to get going but kicked ass when it does. The story is full of unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge till the end. Just brace yourself for the climax. There are some heartfelt moments in it too that makes watching this oh so worth it.

It took me a while to get fully acquainted with the characters because there are many with complicated names to boot. But I get the hang of it soon enough. Durand, Robin and Teillagory are the three friends that accompany D'Eon on his mission. The viewers will soon introduced to other characters like Maximilien Robespierre, an acquaintance of Lia and King Louis IV. I am rather fond of the sub-characters if compared to D'Eon. Apart from his love to his country and the people around him, D'Eon is pretty blah. Durand, Robin and Maximilien are my favorites due to their interesting characters. They gave out a sense complexity and mysteriousness.

I didn't know this series was produced by Production I.G, the same production studio that produced Ghost In The Shell until the third episodes when I did some research on the real D'Eon. So obviously, there are little faults to be found in the animation. They have done their research for the building, setting and characters designs which turned out to be very detailed, and managed to capture the feeling of monarchy. The swordfights are clean, swift and brutal, as expected of the knights in that era.

I like the OP and ED but I won't say that they are my favorites. I should say that the rich orchestral background music plays a role in this anime too. It further enhanced the atmosphere and added the element of suspense and drama. It was to be expected since it is from Michiru Ooshima, the same man that is responsible for Fullmetal Alchemist. I couldn't find any flaws with the voice acting either so they must have done a good job. Surprisingly, even the dubbed version is not that bad.

I really enjoyed watching this series and have no qualm what so ever to rewatch it. If you like to watch something with unique plot, this is definitely the one you should put on the list. However if you are those people who watch anime for the action or moe-ness, forget it. You'll be thoroughly disappointed.

Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 8/10
Characters 9/10
Enjoyment 9/10
Overall 8.4/10


I've wanted to watch this one for a while. Hopefully I'll get a chance to some day. I have no problems with lack of moe, and am rather partial towards historical settings.

I'm not really a historical fan but this one managed to keep me interested all through out the episodes. Part of the reason I guess is because I am such a character oriented person.

oooh this looks beautiful, and it's great to hear that it's rich in depth (although I might not be able to understand the psalms lol) and heartfelt. I find that a lot of series aren't series I feel like re-watching even though they're great, so I'm happy to hear you would re-watch this.

I have only rewatched this once, and that's because I want to try out the dubbed version.

I would love to rewatch a lot of shows. It just a shame that my time won't permits me to do just that. In fact, it doesn't even allowed me to catch up on my on-hold list, which is growing ever longer with every new seasons

I was very surprised whrn I watch this series. Before that I've been to the Versailles palace ona trip and they did manage to fully picture it! I really enjoyed the plot and the music too.

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