21 June 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 9

To be honest, I don't feel like watching this show anymore after the shit I went through two weeks back. The reason why there is a backlog is because I encountered countless spoilers for episode 9. Good thing that I have short attention span so I have to wait till I forgot what the spoilers were and avoid twitter when people starts talking about episode 10.

Having said that, I still don't feel any excitement and I hope the episodes will be strong enough to rekindle the passion I once has for this show.

Episode 9 picks up where it left of. Apparently Jintan invites the rest of the gang over so that Menma can make them her infamous muffins. I can imagine how creep off the rest of the gang are when they see pots, muffins, paper and pen moving by itself. So I guess they do believe in Menma now.

Thank goodness they too wonder why Menma didn't show up earlier and save them the misunderstanding. But just like the rest of us, they don't have the answer either.

I really want to pat Yukiatsu's head. Looks like he's the only one who screws his head right. While Tsururu comes up with the theory that Menma is around to condemn them, Yukiatsu tells them that he is determine to send Menma to heaven thus preventing Jintan from keeping her to himself. He is speaking the truth.

Though they are all seemingly working together to make the fireworks, Jintan keeps telling himself that it's fine just the way they are because in that way, Menma will forever be by his side. I am actually very mad that he talks to Menma naturally (like everyone can see her) when he's around everyone else. If I was Anaru or Yukiatsu, I will be very tired to keep up with his facade. Not to mention how heart-wrenching it is as he acts as if he doesn't know how Yukiatsu feels towards Menma or how Anaru feels for him.

Damn, writing that makes me wanna cry...

Jintan is a douche self-righteous prick.

*cough* moving on.

They soon find out that it was Menma's mom who is against the firework idea thanks to Yukiatsu and Tsururu approaching her dad. It is interesting nonetheless when Menma's dad refers to her wife as "that woman". Where's the love, hubby? But then again, who would love a psycho.

Yukiatsu is definitely the hero of this episode as he bows to Menma's dad and begs him to allow them to learn about fireworks. He also straight up confesses to Menma's dad that he liked Menma. He even cries. Now, that is some courage you have there, Yukiatsu. Makes me wanna pat you even more, and then some >=3


and then this:

I lol'd

I still can relate to how Anaru and Yukiatsu are feeling at the moment. They feel envious though they know they aren't supposed to feel that way. They just can' help it.

My heart weeps for them. I wish these two just get together and be happily ever after.

Which is the more reason why I have so much dislike towards Menma and Jintan. These two fucktards have no idea the pain they are causing to the people around them. I so wanna snap that frail neck of hers and this time, I will make sure she's dead DEAD.

I can't wait for them to make the fireworks so that she can finally go to hell.

Which they can make now since Menma's dad has given them his permission. As expected, Jintan face when >>

and then oh shit! I think someone heard my wish. Just like that Yukiatsu and Anaru are getting together. FUCK THIS I'M FUCKING STOKE! I just can't stop smiling as I sit here watching these two. They really are at ease with each other.

But here comes the problem. Now it's Tsururu who is heartbroken. Shit.

At the end of the episode, something happened. I think it is kind of a dejavu to what happened to Menma the day she died. She was too absentminded, stupid and self-centered which was why she fell into the river as she looked for the fishes. When Jintan gets home and find that she's no where, he starts to panic and voila, I was fucking right.

selfish bastard >=(


You have a very selective "douche self-righteous prick" detector :)

They're all being complete jerks, except (probably) Poppo, and Tsururu (kinda, at least she's acting like a "normal" screwed-up jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold).

But yeah, if you've been spoiled, then I'm sure this show won't have as much appeal. You'll just be more apt to focus on things that show how forced it really is.

In my case, I was expecting basically everything that happened, except that Menma's mom would have a second kid (that was painfully and needlessly forced drama).

At least they aren't dismissing how inwardly-focused people are while they're healing.

Menma's brother is already around when she died. At least that's my understanding. and yes, I'm biased as fuck when it comes to my characters. deal with it. lolol

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying your bias!
I hope that's worth something :)

And yeah, Menma's brother may have been around before she died, but it's still a plot conceit to me. It's there to add one more tragic figure, make her mom look even more screwed-up, and give her mom an easy way to snap out it and finally heal. Achievement unlocked: out-pathos Shakespeare.

I am actually bothered by how everyone in this show are so focused on Menma. I honestly can't see anything likeable about her. Then again, I don't like people like her in real life who acts cute and naive and big giant pain in the ass.

Though it conceited, it happens. I have seen siblings get neglected when a child is lost. I guess they just want to show how real it is and how big of an effect it left on the people around her. I don't like it but I see the reality of it.

I've never felt like they're "focused on Menma", more that they're feeling sorry for themselves and trying to atone for whatever guilt they feel. Except Poppo.. it's tough to tell what his motivations really are. Yukiatsu is just the most complex, and Jintan the most isolated.

> I have seen siblings get neglected when a child is lost.

That's why it bothers me.. I have dealt with kids in that position, and the show isn't doing the topic justice. I guess it could always be worse, though.

this show evolves around Menma and Jintan, is it not?

In this episode, it seems like Poppo was trying to ask Menma something when they have that paper conversation but he chickened out. I assumed he wanted to ask Menma if she ever liked him.

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