17 June 2010

Bleach: Chapter 408

*facepalm* You can't afford to chillax, Ichigo!

But then again, Aizen has destroyed Kotatsu. He has all the time in the world. Fuck this is retarded!

I feel weird looking at Ichigo talking to his dad while they are both in their shinigami uniform. It just felt like something missing. And to be honest, I was quite surprised that Ichigo is so obedient. Shouldn't he be asking his dad just how did he knows about Getsuga Tenshou? This is all seems so misplaced to me.

Also, I don't get Isshin's explanation at all. Okay that's a lie. I get the basic idea but still, this just doesn't sounds right. Ichigo should have urged his dad to go to the Real!Karakura immediately. That's why they are in the damn passage in the first place.

2000 hours = 3 months. Does this mean they'll reach Real!Karakura town only after 3 months? Argh I'm so damn confused!

Anyway, I just remember that I had a talk with my friend few years back when the winter arc first started. I told her that Ichigo needs a new power up with his bankai. All he has been using so far is Getsuga Tenshou in every fight and won. Sure he got help from his vaizard power but there was definitely a huge plotkai there. I mean, when you look at others, their shikai are quite different from their bankai and even their bankai has few attack levels (just look at Byakuya for example). Since Ichigo's zanpaktou has always been on his shikai form, we didn't get to see the impact of his shikai. Most of the time, his Getsuga Tenshou is only powerful when he adorned the vaizard mask. Otherwise, it barely scratched the espada. So we both agree that at one point in time Ichigo will master a new level for his bankai. I'm sure most of Bleach readers have thought of the same thing. What disturbed me about this whole process is the interference from his dad...


But let's forget about this Final Getsuga Tenshou business. Talking about it just made me riled up for no reason.

Let's get back to the Real!Karakura town. If there is one good thing about this shift of focus, is that I get to see the people that has made this fun in the beginning. People like Keigo who has finally met Tatsuki in the middle of his panic attack. Don't you just miss their antics?

They both kinda get the feeling that all these weird happenings have something to do with Ichigo and like any of his friends, they take things for granted that Ichigo will make all this back to normal just because he is that kind of guy.

I sure hope they will get a power up too. It's about time.

As they ran around, Aizen and Gin has finally reached the edge of Real!Karakura town. I sure hope Ichigo won't take his own sweet time getting there. Oh wait, he does have all the time in the world.


By the way, Isshin thought that Ichigo will have it easy. That his son only have to face Zangetsu in his inner world. I guess Isshin has no idea about Shirosaki.

Heh, this makes me excited >=3

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


talk about a boring chapter.... im pretty sure nothing actually happened. maybe you think something happened, but in reality nothing did. if the next few chapters are just training im going to get bored.

Not if the training involved Shirosaki =3

Here we go with 10 chapters of Ichigo trying to learn some move that probably won't matter by the end.

It'd be good if Keigo and Tatsuki got some powers, but unfortunately there are no low level baddies around for them to beat up... or is there?

I wish things would go faster. Anyways, I hope it's not too late by the time they reach the town, because as I understand it, they're letting Aizen do his stuff for 3 months.

well they are gonna be letting Aizen do his stuff for an hour (itll be 3 months for ichigo)... which surprises me, because Aizen can do a lot in a hour.

There is no low level baddies around. Aizen took care of that himself. What a considerate villain.

Keigo and Tatsuki will develop their own power. It was a setup from the beginning. It would be interesting to see what kind of power they end up with.

Kubo must have lost his creative ability. All these shits are recycle material.

btw, if Gin ends up dying by Aizen's hand, I'm gonna start a petition to ask Kubo to quit his job. Anyone with me?

My belief is that while crap was happening in Hueco Mundo (we really don't know how long they were in there), Urahara was training those three Scooby-doo gang rejects into (hopefully) absolute last ditch efforts for Karakura town's protection. I so want to be right this time. ^~^

can anyone tell me what is the real getsuga tenshou??
i am curious baout that hehehe

If Urahara himself can't defeat Aizen, what makes you think the Scooby--doo gang can, VIP?

and Diva, when you said real, you actually mean the FINAL gentsuga tenshou right? Unfortunately only Kubo knows what it is at the moment. We all can guess that it will be a fucking plotkai though.

Again, vague hope, but I hope their powers have enough delaying power for the real badasses to show up. Just a small hope.

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