28 May 2010

Power Puff Girls and favorite cartoons

Once upon a time, I was a fan of Power Puff Girls. I was in my early 20's. I think it's the girls power theme that get me so into them. They are made of sugar and spice and everything nice so yeah, what's not to like right? Not to mention that the villains are pretty stupidly funneh.

I bought some of the toys, a complete set I think with Mojo and Professor in the mix. After 5 years or so, the only figures left are that of Bubble and Blossom.

I only realized that they were missing from my collection when I decided I want to take pictures of them. When I asked around, no one knows what happened to them. Obviously I went into a rage. I searched the whole house and found the Professor with his arm broken among my niece's toys so that's that.

What got me so mad is the fact that Buttercup is the one between the three girls that went missing, because you see, I am a big fan of Buttercup. I just love her feisty attitude and she does not tolerate shit from anyone. That is the kind of woman that I am anyway hence why I like characters like Torako, Shiki and Haruhi so much and can't tolerate a fucking pussy like Inoue Orihime.

delicious buttercup ^^

It has been a while since I watch any television so I am not sure whether they still have Power Puff Girls on Cartoon Network nowadays. I like the cartoons in Cartoon Network. They kinda still has that oldskool cartoon quality about it. Some of my favorite back then (those that are on top of my head atm) were Scooby Doo, Ben10, GrimReapers, Dexter's Laboratory, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans and Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack is made of awesomesauce!

Ah, I have missed Jack.

Unlike with anime, I am less picky when it comes to cartoon. I'll watch anything as long as it is entertaining. Maybe my expectation for them were minimal hence I am less critical of the output. With anime, my preferences are exact and my expectations are high. I have put them on a pedestal without me realizing it. Maybe it's the Japanese thingy. *shrugs*

So yeah, what kind of cartoons were/are your favorites before you go gaga over anime?


Samurai Jack....they're making a movie to conclude the series....How awesome is that?


Samurai Jack!!
I used to be so ecstatic whenever I catch it on TV. Then it kind of disappeared. I have to go hunt it down now.
As for me, I think my favorite western cartoons are these two as well, and also teen titans and Madeline. This brings back memories of elementary school.

Samurai Jack!! I was always so ecstatic as a kid whenever I catch it on TV. Then one day, it just kind of disappeared. :( Now I have to go hunt it down.

Anyways, my favorite western cartoons are these two as well, plus Teen Titans and Madeline.

Buttercup is awesome. I love cartoons :)

I sometimes lose things, I still miss my Transformers doll that somehow disappeared when I was 5.

You probably like Powerpuff and Samurai Jack (and Foster's home for Imaginary Friends) so much because they were totally made by the same guy. That man's a genius I say! ^_^
Yeah, Teen Titans is still considered a cartoon despite the heavy anime influences...God bless that wondrous mix of good season-spanning story, beautiful animation and excellent voice acting. Oh yeah, and wonderful DC comic tribute characters.
Sadly all these good cartoons are no longer on the prime Cartoon Network per se, for a little bit more money, they can be found on the Boomerang channel which back in my day, featured classic CLASSIC cartoons such as the Looney Toons and Hanna Barbara toons like Scooby Doo and the Flintstones. I go to a neighbor's house that has that channel nowadays and I get to watch Powerpuff, Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited...THOSE AREN'T OLD CARTOONS! PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY BELONG! RAGE!!!
Anyways, favorite cartoons of the past:
ReBoot, Beast Wars (the true sequel to the first Transformers cartoon), Sonic the Hedgehog (now known as Sonic SATAM), and I recently finished Gargoyles, a really really good action series by Disney. You should totally check those out to please what little Inner Child you have left. ^0^

By the way, that is a totally pedo-licious drawing of Buttercup...how could you do that?! You ruined the pristine child-likeness of her in my mind. =(

OMG Reboot! Almost forgot about ReBoot. I used to wait in front of the TV to make sure no one else has the chance to hog it except me. ReBoot was really good. Beast Wars was okay too but Optimus Prime as a gorilla?

Erm, that wasn't really Optimus Prime as we know him. That was an inexperienced leader who just happens to have an Optimus in his name...and looks like the original with lips. In a sense that made him more appealing to me than the all-knowing, always powerful Optimus Prime from the original cartoons. Because of his inexperience and unfamiliarity with the world, he ends up making mistakes, making the show's conflict seem a lot more intense when things suddenly turn south and all the greater when they triumph.
ReBoot was amazing. So sad they ended it on a cliffhanger though. The rumourmill seems to say there will be a trilogy of movies to really wrap it up for us, but I'm doubtful it will really be satisfying. (For one thing, Megabyte's voice actor died already...no sexy badguy voice...)

Whatever. I don't like gorilla. I like the Gorillaz though ^^

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