30 October 2009

Bleach: Chapter 380

I love what I see in the earlier pages of this week chapter. It has been a while since we saw any comical expression from Ichigo, or anyone else for that matter. I missed the old days when Bleach was funny.


I seriously have issues with Kenpachi. Why the fuck was he attacking Ichigo? Priorities man! Priorities! Stupid man with no brain... Humbug!

Let him has his way with Yammy (by the way, what the fuck is his release? Giant crab?)

I'm so thankful Byakuya and Mayuri are there to balance the idiocies of these men. Men with brain speaks with their sword, or in case of Mayuri, with his invention. Heh, so no chance for us to see Urahara then? I'm got to say that I is surprising glad with that knowledge. At least now we know that Mayuri isn't half as bad as Urahara (initially I always thought that Urahara would be the one coming to Hueco Mundo to help them with the Garganta shit - I know... such little faith on Mayuri, right? *is ashamed*).

Okay now here comes the problem. I don't like the idea of Ichigo going back to the human world at all, even if he's accompanied by Unohana, who I suspect will be useful in helping out Hiyori, if she isn't dead yet that is, which will be ridiculous but at the same time if she is dead... *tugs at heart* it will be very sad.

Back to what I was saying... Ichigo going back to human world could only mean one thing: He is going to be the one to fight Aizen (or that's how it looks like atm, isn't it). I'm mighty pissed at the idea. I agree that Ichigo has received massive plotkai since the HM arc started but we are talking about Aizen! I doubt the old fuck Yamaji would be able to defeat that son-of-a-bitch so if Ichigo can... OMG I just hope Kubo knew what he's doing. I seriously pray that he does otherwise lets hope God WILL NOT save him from the angry mob T___T

I got to give it to Unohana for belittling Mayuri like that and Mayuri couldn't even lift a finger at her. Heh, female taicho rules!



Wait a fucking minute... bring Rukia with you Ichigo!!!

Oh, by the way, I found it extremely funny that they didn't think of bringing Inoue back home. Ichigo seems like he totally forgot that his mission to Hueco Mundo was to save Inoue. I mean... why the hell were they at Hueco Mundo in the first place, right? LOL

I know some people... *glares at Nate* thinks that Bleach is going down the path of lameness. Well, just like he thinks Naruto is still made of win, that's exactly how I feel about Bleach. Sure Kubo as of late is made of shit but for some reason, I can't bring myself to have any negative thoughts about Bleach. Call me a fangirl or a Bleachtard or whatever because fuck you, that's exactly who I am and I'm proud of it =D

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I always had no doubt in my mind that Ichigo would fight Aizen. That's just how shounen manga goes.
Still I agree that if he were to beat Aizen right now, it would really mess up the power balance that had been instilled amongst the characters.
Lastly, he forgot about Inoue... T_T

exactly. I don't mind Ichigo fighting aizen as long as he was defeated. It only make sense that he will.

and lol. yes. Inoue is pretty much forgotten at this point, isn't she? But she has Ishida with her so all is good :)

i usually just read mangas at face value, it gets more exciting after i read your summaries lol im like oohhhh now thats interesting! XD

Aizen cant be defeated one on one... they are going to have to gang bang him....

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