06 August 2009

Bleach PVC figurines

So last night, at around 12:04am, I was nerdgasming/cleaning my collection of Bleach figurines. The last time I bought one of those (Renji and Vaizard Ichigo) was 3-4 months ago... I think. Gin, Aizen and Grimmjow were presents from someone (love you soooooo much!).

It's not like I don't want to buy them figurines anymore. It was because the shop I went to is no longer there and was replaced with some shit shop that sells tudung and women accessories. So blah!!

I was like... WTF, now where do I supposed to get my Bleach figurines? There is one place that I haven't look at: Holiday Plaza, but I won't set my hope too high because living in JB is not really a luxury when it comes to this kind of things. Most of the shops only have Gundam or Warhammer or One Piece or... you get my drift, right? NO BLEACH!! And since I'm the only anime nerds among my friends, they wouldn't accompany me to go hunting for these stuffs when I'm in KL (seriously, one of these days I'm so gonna stick up my giant vibrat0r up your asses!). And there's no way I'm going to Singapore to check things out. I'm boycotting the nation. I won't go international either unless I'm running out of options.

So ignoring my sleepy eyes, I checked out ebay which sucks since it phailed me. They have lots of posters though which kinda make me want to buy some too...

I'm looking for Bleach 3.5" PVC trading characters that are manufactured by BanPresto. I want to complete my volume 5 which lack Ichigo, Toushiro and Matsumoto and sooooo want to get my hands on Volume 2 and Volume 4 as well.

Volume 5

Volume 2

Volume 4

After ebay, I tried Lowyat forum. They are responding but none have the Bleach figurines that I wanted. They have a lot of gashapon though, oh and yeah, Matsumoto Megahouse figurine who I am NOT gay for. Seriously these otaku... all they care is boobs. But it is a really nice figure of Matsumoto. I was tempted.

I have also set my eyes on either Megahouse or Toynami figurine of Kurosaki Ichigo. That will cost me around RM200 over each. Ikk...

Oh and I reaaaaaaally want this one! Hollow Ichigo! So if any of you who hasn't got any idea what to get me for my birthday, I'll be content with this =3

errr yeah, so back to what I was trying to say, if any of you guys could help me out with this one, I'll be forever grateful which will include my infinite b0nar for you. Of course you'll get a share of the profit too XD


Hmm.. Will keep an eye out for Bleach characters from now on. Although, it's pretty rare in KL too. -.-"

Thanks in advance for the effort!

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