07 June 2008


Someone pointed out to me that I look different today . Not physically but the aura definitely is not from the usual me.

I just smiled and said he needs to see me more often.


The so-called aura that he was referring to was simply the effect of me reading a manga or watching an anime.

It just so happened that I was hooked on Amatsuki and can't stop grinning from ear to ear whenever I think about Bonten and/or Kon. Then I get my weekly dose of Bleach with Aizen god-moding while chibi Gin making my nose bleeds.

He ought to see me now though. I look like crap because I just spoiled myself with Sas-Gay knowledge *vomits*

Not to mention that I'm pissed about Gaara getting kidnapped by the Akatsuki (what? I just picked it up >D)

So yeah, anime and manga pretty much dictates my emotions

as well as my hard drive...


hey ya it's farhana, your fb friend who sketches *cough* stunning *cough* bleach characters ^^"

bonten is hot alright. so is kon (that gin-ly voice is a bonus upgrade!) although i have hard time understanding amatsuki T__T

just checking out your blog anyway ^^

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